Services & Rates


  • New Phone Installation (i.e. Avaya Desk Phones, Conference Phones, Classroom Phones etc…)
  • Existing User Changes (i.e. Old office to new office moves, phone upgrades, name changes etc…)
  • TBA to new user assignment (i.e. New user taking over an existing department extention.)
  • Extension Disconnects (If you want to get rid of an extension all together.)
  • Feature/Configuration Changes (i.e. Call forwarding, voice mail and authorization codes for long distance.)
  • University Cell Phone Program (i.e. University provided, employee allowance, or departmental prorated)
  • Line Only (i.e. A featureless second extension added to an existing phone)
  • BlueJeans Audio Conferencing (audio conferencing options.)
  • Digital Faxing (Faxing from you desktop computer.)

Request a service

*Expected completion time is 7-10 business days:

  • A monthly and/or one-time charge may apply for requested service(s).
  • Please contact the ITS - Voice Services for further pricing information.
  • To report a Telecommunications issue, please call x1188 (239-590-1188 ), or send an email to

Reoccuring Monthly Rates

*For budgeting purposes, please use the following monthly costs as approximations for the type of service(s) required. ITS - Voice Services is committed to providing the most competitive prices on all its services.

  • Avaya IP B189 Conference Room Phone (Does not include hardware): $50.00  Monthly
  • Avaya Basic Desktop Phone: $33.50 Monthly
  • Avaya Desktop Phone Rental(s): $30.00 Daily
  • Avaya Conference Room Phone Rental: $45.00 Daily
  • Extension to Cell Phone Forwarding (EC500): $4.00 Monthly
  • Department Announcement: $13.50 Monthly
  • Directory/National Assistance: No Charge
  • Digital Faxing: $31.00 Monthly
  • Line Only (LO): $13.50 Monthly
  • Automated Attendant: $40.00 Monthly (Additional charges may apply depending on setup)
  • Voice Mail: $6.00 Monthly
  • Mutare (Speech to text): $3.00 Monthly

One Time Service Installation Rates

  • New Phone Installation (Including Softphone): $70.00
  • Digital Faxing: $70.00 (Free analog to Digital conversion)
  • Extension to Cell Phone Forwarding (EC500): $25.00
  • General Service/Labor: $70.00 per Hr.