Meet Fabiana Solano

Fabiana Solano, ‘19

Honors Student

Fabiana Solano

Fabiana Solano came to the US from Venezuela at age 7. To meet her you wouldn’t know it, but life hasn’t always been easy for Fabiana. Immigrants often struggle to find their voice in this country. She didn’t have a privileged upbringing. Her parents didn’t attend college. They struggle to make ends meet so she and her sister can achieve the American Dream.

So, when she came to FGCU, she had no context for how college worked. She felt alone and knew she didn’t want others to feel that way. That’s when she finally found her voice.

Fabiana started posting videos about campus life on social media. She searched hashtags for incoming students to welcome them to the university. And she reached out to other students to give them tips about opportunities available on campus. Soon, her efforts and enthusiasm were noticed by University Marketing & Communications staff and they hired her to bring a student perspective to their work.

Today, Fabiana is an unstoppable force on campus. She has worked for Student Government. She’s fundraising for environmental health. And in the meantime, she’s also determined to graduate a year early—summa cum laude—so her little sister can have the context she never had of how to make the most of college. To put it in her own words, “I’m trying to do everything I can while I’m young and still have time.”