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Leadership Development

Celebrating diversity, empowering students and expanding opportunities

The Multicultural and Leadership Development Center cultivates a campus-wide community, which celebrates diversity, empowers students to grow beyond their personal barriers, strengthens students’ understanding of diversity and social responsibility, and develops students’ leadership skills. Our office promotes academic, leadership and personal growth. Our vision is to nurture a generation of ethical and knowledgeable leaders who contribute to the ever-changing global society.


We are committed to offering students a holistic experience by providing leadership development opportunities that empower individuals to question critically, think logically and live ethically while becoming active citizens within the campus community and beyond.

Emerging Leader

Emerging Leader

An Emerging Leader is a first-year student, transfer or any student who has not yet engaged in leadership opportunities on campus and wants to discover the fundamentals of leadership.

Emerging Eagles
Engaged Leader

Engaged Leader

An Engaged Leader is a student who has some leadership experience through previous programs, organizations or other on-campus opportunities and wants further engagement.

Enlightened Leader

Enlightened Leader

An Enlightened Leader is a student who is fully immersed in the culture of leadership and seeks to expand leadership potential by giving back to the FGCU campus.


Opportunities to Grow

Presidential Leadership Certificate

The Presidential Leadership Certificate (PLC) recognizes students during their leadership journey. PLC offers three phases of leadership development (Emerging Leader, Engaged Leader and Enlightened Leader). Participants of the PLC program earn recognition of each phase completed. Students design a self-paced, comprehensive experience while being guided by a leadership mentor.

Your mentor will support you as well as challenge you to develop and enhance your skills, which are demonstrated through completion of the three phases. The certificate is a valuable accomplishment as it honors well-rounded and exceptional leaders who excel in their commitment to personal development and positive change.

Participants must complete all requirements and will be honored at a reception upon completion. 


LeaderShape Institute

Since its inception in 1986, The LeaderShape Institute has achieved a national reputation as one of the premier leadership development programs for young adults. Over 20,000 individuals from more than 500 colleges, universities, corporations and organizations across America have graduated from the program. 

MLD host the national LeaderShape Institute which is a highly regarded as an intensive and energizing six-day program, held annually in May, which is open to student leaders, organizations or any participant interested in producing extraordinary results for their college experience and beyond, while also developing a commitment to lead with integrity.

Through interactive group activities, simulations and dialogue, LeaderShape provides insight to act in consideration of ethical values, develop meaningful relationships and lead with integrity. Participants develop a plan for meaningful change in whatever community they wish to positively affect.

The curriculum, centered on the philosophy of leading with integrity, is a building-block program with a strategic focus for each day:

  • Day 1: "Building Community”
  • Day 2: "The Value of One, The Power of All"
  • Day 3: "Challenging What Is, Looking to What Could Be"
  • Day 4: "Bringing the Vision to Reality"
  • Day 5: "Leading With Integrity"
  • Day 6: "Staying In Action"

For more information visit LeaderShape online

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is an intensive three-day weekend for students to focus on enhancing their leadership knowledge and application. The free retreat is based on the “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” from “The Leadership Challenge” by Kouzes and Posner. Through interactive workshops, small group discussions and practical application, the retreat allows students to connect with their peers and develop skills in a safe and challenging environment off campus.


iLEAD Summit

iLEAD Summit is a one day conference style program intended to connect students and student leaders while promoting collaborative efforts, developing leadership skills and building lifelong relationships. The summit is held every fall and is open to all students and registered student organizations.


Are you interested in attending the iLead Summit? REGISTER TODAY!

The program includes:

  • An inspirational and dynamic keynote speaker
  • A variety of breakout sessions led by campus professionals that focus on leadership fundamentals and how to incorporate such skills into everyday campus involvement

An opportunity for students to come together, network and learn from one another.

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