Behaviors of concern

Behaviors of Concern

Student of Concern/BCAT Team

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) has established the Behavioral Consultation and Assessment Team (BCAT) an interdisciplinary team to help identify students in distress and/or who may pose a potential threat to campus. FGCU recognizes that students in mental, physical, and/or psychological distress may impact their learning and/or functioning while attending our institution.

The team has a collaborative process to assess concerning behavior based on those concerns reported to the team. Depending on the situation, additional personnel with specific areas of specialization or responsibility may be called upon to assist the team. This team will discuss support and safety interventions, which will provide the student with the greatest chance of success and our community the greatest level of protection.

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Threat Assessment & Management Team

FGCU cultivates a secure community within a supportive and accessible living, learning and working environment. It is standard practice on university campuses to promote safety through a Threat Assessment & Management Team (TAMT) empowered to investigate, assess and manage risks of violence by any troubled community member. The TAMT performs these responsibilities in cooperation with other university personnel, committees and departments.

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