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A Registered Sport Club (RSC) is a student-run organization where the student officers are in charge of decision making, scheduling, and general club organization and success. Some clubs are highly competitive while other clubs are more instructional.  With 37 different clubs and 900+ athletes, there's a Sport Club for you!

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For Officers

Looking for a required form or a resource to look something up for your club? You can find all your officer needs here. 

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For Students

Are you a current or prospective student looking to get involved? Have questions about what a Sport Club is and how they function? Get details.

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For Visitors

Currently FGCU is not accepting outside groups on campus. 



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 Sport Programs Staff


Andrew Funari Assistant Director Sport Programs
Assistant Director, Sport Programs
Phone: 239-590-7734
Zach McMahon Sport Programs Coordinator
Sport Programs Coordinator
Phone: 239-590-7332
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Student Staff
Phone: 239-590-7037