Enrollment Management

Data-driven and future focused

Enrollment Management is well positioned to respond to the changing higher education landscape. Through continuous improvement, we look for opportunities to expand our recruitment strategies, leverage need-based and merit aid, and support the success of our growing student population.

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Led by Dr. Johnson, the Enrollment Management Unit is responsible for marketing, recruiting, yielding, financially supporting, and enrolling undergraduate and graduate students and serving and retaining the 15,000+ current FGCU students. Enrollment Management employees partner with divisions, colleges and departments throughout the University that are equally committed to creating and sustaining a culture of student success and engagement.


Enrollment Management supports
the following areas:

  • Undergraduate Admissions

  • Graduate Admissions

  • Enrollment Services Center

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Records and Registration

  • Community Outreach

  • Veterans Benefits

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A rocket is nothing without its engine. The financial aid team was the force that I needed to reach new heights throughout my college career. Their office guided me through the turbulence, and the rest is history.

Chad Moran '18


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Staff Directory

Photo of Christopher Saxby
Christopher Saxby
University Registrar
Office: Enrollment Management
Phone: 239-590-7924
Derrell Pustizzi photo
Derrell Pustizzi
Assistant VP University Admissions
Office: Enrollment Management
Phone: 239-590-7687
Jorge Lopez photo
Jorge Lopez
Assistant VP Student Enrollment & Financial Aid
Office: Enrollment Management
Phone: 239-590-1210
Photo of Brian Apfel
Brian Apfel
Director, Marketing & Communications
Office: Enrollment Management
Phone: 239-590-1484
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Debbie Rago
Administrative Assistant II
Office: Enrollment Management