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Exercise Science Event and Photos

Students and Faculty of the Exercise Science program attend and participate in a variety of events throughout the year. The photos below are of some of our students and faculty in action.

ALS Clinic

Dr. Mollie Venglar, Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, works at the ALS clinic run though Lee Memorial Health Systems.  Dr. Venglar has participated as a physical therapist with the clinic since the clinic opened in 2009. The clinic is multidisciplinary and includes neurologists, respiratory therapists, PT, OT, SLP, dietician, orthotist, DME specialist, psychologist, and a Care Coordinator for the 10 counties the clinic serves.
The clinic, open the second Saturday of each month, typically sees eight patients each clinic day.  Patients are provided a room and the disciplines rotate through each room as directed by the volunteers, all who have lost a loved one to ALS.  Any concerns that can easily be addressed for the patient are taken care of while the patient is at the clinic and all other needs are referred outside based on the disciplines assessments. 
Dr. Venglar invites DPT, AT, and ES students to observe and round with the various disciplines at the clinic.  Although students cannot participate hand-ons with the patients, they are able to see a well-run multidisciplinary clinic in action, learn about the different disciplines, and better understand the challenges of ALS. 
ALS at Lee Memorial   
ALS Clinic in the news