School Counseling (M.A.)

The Counseling program offers an M.A. in School Counseling for students whose academic backgrounds include educator preparation or certification as well as for those who do not.

Students in the School Counseling program take coursework in the areas of human development, legal and ethical issues of the profession, career development, appraisal methods, counseling theories, group work, practicum and research, and program evaluation. The program offers additional specialized courses focusing on school counseling in areas such as internship, special populations, consultation, and professional development. Students are engaged in field-based activities during almost every enrollment.

The School Counseling MA degree aligns its competencies and preparation standards with those of the Florida Department of Education and the American School Counselor Association National Model and competencies. Students who are not certified teachers or taken educational preparation courses will be required to enroll in two additional courses and complete all subsections of the state FTCE exam to qualify for state certification. 

With strong demand for clinical mental health counselors and school counselors in every community, our students have the opportunity to make a widespread impact. Because the calling is so vital, we prepare our graduate students with a high degree of counseling competence, technological skills, and a minimum of 800 hours of supervised field experiences. Students will learn how to address issues such as college & career readiness, social-emotional learning, academic achievement, autism, depression, cyberbullying, and substance abuse — all in local schools and agencies throughout SW Florida, and now, in our on-campus Student and Community Counseling Center. 

The Counseling Programs at FGCU have a long history of graduates in Southwest Florida dating back to 1991 through the USF at Fort Myers branch campus. In these last two decades, the program has grown and evolved to meet local and national needs and practices. The Department of Counseling consistently provides its graduates with high levels of skill, professionalism, and integrity. Our Southwest Florida community has many opportunities to serve its children, adults, and families in its schools, community agencies, advocacy groups, health care, and other providers of support and clinical services. Our faculty have diverse areas of expertise, research interests, and backgrounds as school and mental health counselors. They often bring their professional experiences and research interests to the classroom to ensure that we create an engaging and realistic learning environment.


 Those interested in appointments at the Community Counseling Center should call 239-745-4777 during their business hours.


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School Counseling (M.A.)

Learn about the School Counseling (M.A.)  at FGCU


Learn about the School Counseling (M.A.)  at FGCU