Honors Ambassadors

Meet the Honors Ambassadors

The Honors College Ambassadors (A - Team) are dedicated students that represent the Honors College through service at recruitment and community events. Honors Ambassadors demonstrate academic achievement and involvement within the Honors College, and at Florida Gulf Coast University. Meet the 2021 - 2022 Honors Ambassadors.

Want to connect with an Honors Ambassador or set up a time to learn more about the Honors College at FGCU? The Honors College offers both virtual and in-person opportunities to connect.

Connect with the Honors College

Honors Ambassador Barjon
Major: Economics '24
My favorite part of the Honors College so far as been my Honors First Year Sequence Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses. With the small class size, I was able to receive a more insightful approach to the material, and was able to better understand the new concepts.
Honors Ambassador Cam
Major: Management and Resort and Hospitality '22
My favorite Honors College course has been Honors Colloquium. The professor encouraged us to think outside of the classroom, and I met a lot of Honors students. Shout out to the Honors Mentor Program as well! I'm still in touch with my Honors Mentor, who has now graduated and is working in Washington D.C., and is still a great resource years later.
Honors Ambassador Christian
Major: Exercise Science '23
My favorite Honors College activities have been the Chili Cook-off event, serving as an Honors Ambassador, and taking the Honors First Year Sequence Anatomy and physiology I & II courses.
Honors Ambassador Katelin
Major: Biology '22
My favorite Honors College course so far is Honors Cancer Biology. We discuss both the scientific and personal aspects of cancer, and the course has a very unique discussion based format.
Honors Ambassador Katherine
Major: Biology '22
Some classes I've enjoyed include Honors Cell Biology, and Honors Cancer Bio, where we developed a survey to assess the cancer knowledge. From this, we created an Honors service learning course, Campus Cancer Campaign, where we educate the campus and beyond. Now I'm working on an Honors Thesis with Honors Faculty Fellow Dr. Rhodes!
Honors Ambassador Ryan
Major: Secondary Mathematics Education and Mathematics '23
My favorite Honors College course was the honors Sports in America course by Dr. Terumi Rafferty-Osaki. Taking the course connected me to the Office of Competitive Fellowships and the Registered Student Organization, Project Narrative.
Honors Ambassador Sam
Major: Resort and Hospitality '22
My favorite Honors College activity is the Honors event, Thanksgiving Dinner! It can be a stressful time in the semester, so getting to connect with my peers while eating good food is a nice break!
Honors Ambassador Shawn
Major: Management '22
My favorite Honors College activity is serving as an Honors Ambassador and connecting with prospective Honors students and the Honors College.

Become an Ambassador

Applications for the 2022 - 2023 Honors Ambassadors closed February 21, 2022 at 11:59 pm. Applications for the 2023-2024 ambassadors will be accepted during the spring 2023 semester.

The criteria for serving as an Honors College Ambassador include: 

  • Commitment to the Ambassador program for the entire academic year, unless graduating during the academic year.
  • Attend A-Team training during the fall semester, and a regroup at the start of the spring semester.
  • Complete 10 Ambassador points each semester. Point earning activities include, but are not limited to: recruitment events, panels, and providing support for the Honors College Admission process.
  • Maintain good standing within the Honors College. 
  • Demonstrate a positive representation of FGCU, the Ambassadors, the Honors College, and of oneself.
  • Must be enrolled as a fulltime undergraduate student in the Honors College for at least one semester before applying.  
Students sharing info about honors college
 Honors students sharing information about the Honors College at Eagle Expo, an FGCU admissions event.