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Oct. 5, 2022 | FGCU is resuming all classes and campus activities Monday, Oct. 10. Please visit the fgcu.edu/hurricaneian website for more details.

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About Us

Office of the General Counsel

We support the mission of the University by handling all legal matters generated by the activities of different university entities and by initiating legal action to forestall problems and manage risks. We educate our clients regarding the legal implications of policy and operational decisions, solve legal problems, and facilitate transactions in accordance with the highest standards of integrity and ethics. The attorneys render legal advice to University Trustees, the President, officers, and administrators and represent the University in all administrative and judicial proceedings.

*The GCO is not authorized to render personal legal advice to University employees or students.*


Common matters requiring legal advice include:

Drafting and reviewing agreements, contracts, etc.
Interpretation of legislation, rules, regulations, policies
Drafting of University Regulations and Policies 
Response to subpoenas and other requests for documents
Drafting Delegations of Authority
Management of litigation
Intellectual property issues
Equity and discrimination matters
Conflict of interest issues
Governance questions 
Acquisition of real property  
Sunshine Law questions


photo of Vee Leonard
Vice President and General Counsel
Office: Edwards Hall 114
Phone: 239-590-1101
photo of lisa jones
Associate General Counsel
Office: Edwards Hall 114
Phone: 239-745-4264
photo of David Greenbaum
Associate General Counsel
Office: Edwards Hall 114
Phone: 239-590-1554
picture of attorney Robert Eschenfelder
Associate General Counsel
Office: Edwards Hall 114
Phone: 239-745-4263
photo of Todd Caraway
Executive Assistant
Office: Edwards Hall 114
Phone: 239-590-7466
photo of Katherine Hernandez
Manager, Data Management & Analysis
Office: Edwards Hall 114
Phone: 239-590-7036
photo of Lenora Lynam
Administrative Assistant
Office: Edwards Hall 114
Phone:  239-590-1101
photo of Sandy Zablackas
Legal Assistant III
Office: Edwards Hall 114
Phone: 239-745-4427
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Legal Assistant III
Office: Edwards Hall 114
Phone: 239-745-4587