Undergraduate Curriculum Team

Undergraduate Curriculum Team

Ross, Joseph CAS 2023
Greene, Jackie COE 2021
Lortie, Jason DKSOE 2022
Yazici, Julie LCOB 2021
Cooke, Rachel LIB 2023
Hogg, Russell MCHHS 2021
Tsegaye, Seneshaw WCE 2021


2020-2021 Undergraduate Curriculum Team Schedule

September 10, 2020
10:30 AM

September 18, 2020
1:00 PM

Bioengineering (B.S.) Revision Proposal
Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.) Revision Proposal
Environmental Engineering (B.S.Env.E.) Revision Proposal
Environmental Engineering Minor Revision Proposal
Software Engineering (B.S.) Revision Proposal
Computer Science Minor - informational item
Construction Management (B.S.C.M.) - Stand-alone courses

Anthropology (B.A.) Revision Proposal
Stand-alone courses

October 2, 2020
1:00 PM

Biology (B.A.) Revision Proposal
Biology (B.S.) Revision Proposal
English (B.A.) Revision Proposal
History (B.A.) Revision Proposal
Environmental Studies (B.A.) - Informational item
Race and Ethnic Studies Minor - Informational item
Religious Studies Minor - Informational item
German Minor - Informational item
Global Studies Minor - Informational item
Latin American Studies Minor Revision Proposal
Marine Science (B.S.) Revision Proposal
Psychology (B.A.) Revision Proposal
Psychology Minor Revision Proposal

October 16, 2020
1:00 PM

Biochemistry (B.S.) Revision Proposal
Chemistry (B.A.) Revision Proposal
Chemistry (B.S.) Revision Proposal
Chemistry Minor Revision Proposal
Forensic Science (B.S.) Revision Proposal
Forensic Studies New Minor Proposal
Gender Studies Minor Revision Proposal
Peace & Social Justice Minor Revision Proposal
Medical Humanities Minor Revision Proposal
Philosophy (B.A.) Revision Proposal
CAS Stand-alone courses - see CMS
Computer Science Minor Revision Proposal
WCE Stand-alone courses - see CMS
Additional Stand-alone courses (see SEA transmittal document and CMS)

October 30, 2020
1:00 PM

Art (B.A.) Revision Proposal
Digital Media Design (B.A.) Revision Proposal
Digital Media Design Minor Revision Proposal
Business Common Core

    Accounting (B.S.) Revision Proposal
    Analytics and Informatics (B.S.) Revision Proposal

    Computer Information Systems (B.S.) Revision Proposal
    Economics (B.S.) Revision Proposal

    Finance (B.S.) Revision Proposal

    Management (B.S.) Revision Proposal

    Marketing (B.S.) Revision Proposal

    Resort and Hospitality Administration (B.S.) Revision Proposal

    Supply Chain Management (B.S.) Revision Proposal

    LCOB Changes - Communication Department's statement of support

Management Minor Revision Proposal

Advertising Minor Revision Proposal
Professional Sales Minor Revision Proposal
    Professional Sales Minor - Communication Department's statement of support
Informational Item - Research & Scholarly - Designated Course Attribute

February 26, 2021
11:00 AM


Entrepreneurship B.S. New Program Proposal - distributed via email

Agribusiness Minor Revision Proposal


April 15, 2021


Physics Minor Revision Proposal


Proposed curriculum materials are in draft format and subject to change during the review and approval process. Refer to the relevant FGCU catalog at www.fgcu.edu/catalog/ for approved program requirements.

Team By-Laws

(i) Composition

The Undergraduate Curriculum Team consists of one faculty member representing each academic unit, a representative(s) from the Office of Academic and Curriculum Support, ACS, (ex officio) and the General Education Director (ex officio).

(ii) Responsibilities and Duties

The members of the UCT serve as a unified university entity to review and coordinate among the academic programs, schools, and colleges so as to preserve and maintain the integrity of curriculum and course offerings, review and resolve curricular issues, assure public accountability to the university, report to the Faculty Senate, and collaborate with the General Education Council, Graduate Affairs Team, and Graduate Curriculum Team as appropriate. When the college representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Team is not qualified or chooses not to present changes to the curriculum from other disciplines in the college they represent, the team may invite representatives from that discipline to present the changes and answer questions from the curriculum team. 

The Undergraduate Curriculum Team is responsible for developing policies and procedures associated with the creation, maintenance and revision of undergraduate curriculum, academic policies and standards, and accreditation issues. The Undergraduate Curriculum Team will review proposed changes in, additions to, and deletions from the undergraduate curriculum, course descriptions and catalog information, and will forward recommendations to the Office of Academic Affairs.