Library Team

Carlson, Erik CAS 2022
Johnston, Vickie COE 2022
No Representation  DKSOE  
Tran, Gina LCOB 2021
Bhatt, Anjana LIB 2021
St. Laurent, Pamela-Chair MCHHS 2021
 No Representation WCE  
 Elliot, Tracy Ex-officio, Library Dean  

Wednesday, October 7, 2020         

Minutes; Update from Library Dean

Team By-Laws

(i) Composition

The Library Team consists of one member representing each academic unit and the Dean of Library Services serving as an ex officio member.

(ii) Responsibilities and Duties

The University Library Committee functions as an advisory group to the Dean of Library Services. The team will review and recommend policies concerning all matters relating to such matters as library instruction, service policies, collection development, and library technology development.