Graduate Affairs Team


Shahul-Hameed, Jaffar CAS 2021
Houdyshell, Michael COE 2022
Lortie, Jason DKSOE 2023
Smythe, Tom LCOB 2023
Beard, Regina LIB 2021
Downes, Loureen (Chair) MCHHS 2024
Villiers, Claude WCE 2022
Marquez, Fransisco ex-officio, Grad Studies  
Carvajal, Lucero ex-officio, Academic Programs and Curriculum Development  
Rodriguez, Kacy  ex-officio, Grad Student Rep  
Kirby, Dawn ex-officio, Provost appointed  
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Team By-Laws

(i) Composition

The Graduate Affairs Team (GAT) consists of one faculty member with graduate faculty   

Member or Associate Member status representing each College; one faculty member representing Library Services who is the liaison to a graduate program; one representative from the Office of Graduate Studies one representative from the Office of Academic and Curriculum Support and one representative from the Office of Graduate Admissions as non-voting ex-officio members; one graduate student representative and one graduate student alternate (both of whom may attend any meeting) appointed by the Student Government President (1-year term) to serve as non-voting ex-officio members. 

(ii) Responsibilities and Duties

The Graduate Affairs Team will review and recommend action to the Faculty Senate on all matters pertaining to university-level policies concerning graduate academic programs. These include, but are not limited to, (a) minimum requirements for graduate faculty eligibility, (b) admission to and completion of graduate programs, (c) final submissions of theses and dissertations, (d) the graduate grading system, (e) graduate research committees, (f) the distribution of graduate student assistantships and tuition waivers, and (g) the review of proposed changes to program-level policies to ensure compliance with university-level graduate policies, and (h) honorary degrees committee. The GAT will review petitions from faculty members and graduate students appealing decisions based on university graduate academic policies and procedures as well as from applicants appealing for reconsideration of admission, and will forward recommendations to the Director of Graduate Studies.  The GAT is not responsible for considering student appeals covered by other university or college committees including, but not limited to, grade appeals, appeals for reinstatement, appeals for residency reclassification, tuition and fee appeals, and withdrawal policy appeals.