Appointments Team

Name College Term Ends
Strahorn, Eric CAS 2022
Montgomery, Jordan COE 2023
Vo, Danie Hieu DKSOE 2024
Yazici, Julie LCOB 2024
Snapp, Heather LIB 2022
Gupta, Jayantha MCHHS 2024
Karatoum, Osman WCE


2021-2022 Meeting Schedule

Team By-Laws

(i) Composition  
The Appointments Team shall consist of one faculty member representing each academic unit.  
(ii) Responsibilities  
The Appointments Team functions as the group responsible for generating nominees to fill faculty slots on all university-wide committees with faculty representation. For each such committee, the Appointments Team shall be responsible for:  
Soliciting names of qualified faculty candidates, ensuring that all qualified faculty have equitable opportunity to volunteer for service;  
Disseminating information regarding university-wide committees with open faculty positions on request of the authority responsible for each respective committee; 
Selecting nominees from among the volunteers in the number requested for the committee slot(s). In the event the nominees for a particular committee are to be chosen by election, the team is responsible for compiling results of the election;  
Communicating the list of nominees to the appropriate authority responsible for the respective committee.