Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program

Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program

What is it?

The certificate program is a campus-wide program that aims to promote education on topics related to diversity and inclusion. 

Who can participate?

Our program is available to any member of the campus community that possesses an active UIN. It can be completed by any student, faculty, or staff member at Florida Gulf Coast University. 

How do I complete it?

Register for Sessions

Review our calendar of events below and identify possible sessions or events you would like to attend. Use our registration link to access our website and register for the sessions offered that month.

Note: Sessions will begin in September and end in April.

Bring your Eagle ID

For on campus sessions, please be sure to register on SignUpGeniusus and bring your Eagle ID. Your participation in the sessions is recorded by swiping your FGCU ID. Remember to get it swiped at every session.

For virtual sessions, please also register on SignUpGenius and you will be provided with the login in deatils by e-mail. When signing in, you must do so with your full name (first and last) to ensure credit is properly recieved.

Complete 6 Sessions

Out of the 6 events you need to attend, 2 must be core sessions. There are 4 core sessions offered multiple times during the year:

  • What is Diversity and  Inclusion?
  • Session on Bias
  • Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter: Microaggressions
  •  Uncovering Racism


Attend a minimum of any 3 sessions during the academic year to renew your certificate.


 Why should I complete it?

  • It is an excellent way to show your commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • It is a great addition to your resume, portfolio, and professional development.
  • You will receive an official diploma signed by FGCU's President and by the Director of Equity, Ethics, and Compliance.
  • Most of our sessions are interactive and provide many networking opportunities. You can build partnerships with professors and campus administrators for future research opportunities, work, and mentorship.
  • Employers are putting more emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Being well versed on the topic can be an asset to any company. Also, cultural competency is a great skill to have in the global world we live in today.