FGCU Emergency Management Advisory

Sept. 27, 2022 | FGCU is canceling all classes and non-essential campus activities Thursday and Friday. FGCU leaders will evaluate methods for students to make up for lost instructional time, which will likely include the use of planned study dates as regular academic class. Please expect updates to the academic calendar once we return to normal operations. For storm updates, visit fgcu.edu/emergencymanagement.

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Logan Schulz

Logan Schulz

FGCU provided me with countless opportunities outside the classroom to apply my knowledge and skills.

Logan Schulz

One of Logan Schulz’s main goals is to become a medical professional, and he has always been fascinated by the link and practical application of philosophy to the hard sciences.

From the moment he stepped onto FGCU’s campus, he was encouraged to get involved in numerous academic and extracurricular activities that fit his interests. He jumped right in, joining the Philosophy Club, doing independent research on the philosophy of medicine and presenting it at an annual humanities symposium, doing independent projects and research with professors outside of the classroom and volunteering with the Global Medical Brigades to establish clinics in Nicaragua and Honduras.

“FGCU provided me with countless opportunities outside the classroom to apply my knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-world problems,” says the FGCU Hall of Fame honoree. “These experiences enabled me to individualize my learning experience by allowing me to further expand my knowledge on specific subjects that appealed to me.”

He graduated in 2017 as a philosophy major with minors in chemistry and biology, feeling prepared to head to medical school.

“FGCU’s philosophy program is first-rate because of how many academic opportunities it offers its students,” he says. “It is extremely focused on the individual, professors give you invaluable one-on-one attention and independent research is highly welcomed.”