The objective of an internship is to provide Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) students with an opportunity to enhance their academic preparation through practical, hands-on experience. An internship offers students the opportunity for professional growth within an organization through the completion of challenging and meaningful work. Students gain valuable experience that translates into high marketability upon graduation.


Students: 5 Steps to Your Academic Internship Employers & Contact info

1. Determine if you are qualified:

  • B.A. students must have Junior standing (60 credit hours).
  • M.A. students must have completed 6 credit hours at the M.A. level.
  • All students must have an overall FGCU GPA of 3.0.

2. Create an account on Eagle Career Linkand complete your profile:

  • Your profile will be used to match you with internship opportunities.
  • You will use Eagle Career Link both to apply for internship credit
  • and to track and assess your experience.

3. Find an internship opportunity:

  • Use the suggestions from Eagle Career Link.
  • Contact PAGES, an undergraduate co-curricular program focused on career development for B.A. students in Humanities and Social Science majors.
  • Consider on-campus opportunities such as doing archival work at the library, editing student publications (Eagle News and Aquila), tutoring at the Writing Center, and doing research with a faculty member.
  • Note: If you find an opportunity not listed in Eagle Career Link, contact the Office of Internships and Co-operative Programs so that the staff can help to establish an internship with that organization.

4. Register your intended internship experience in Eagle Career Link by completing a form that will ask you to:

  • Provide information about the company name, location, and supervisor.
  • Indicate the planned number of hours to be completed and type, if any, of compensation (e.g. 3 credit hours = 135 hours of work).
  • Articulate learning outcomes, how they will be achieved, and forms of assessment.

5. Enroll in an internship course for the desired semester (required for academic credit):

  • B.A. students: ENG 4940 English Internship
  • M.A. students: ENG 6940 English Masters Internship
  • All students need instructor approval to enroll in an internship course.
  • During the first week of the semester, check the course Canvas-site both to complete the attendance verification activity and to learn about the documentation required to receive internship credit.

Thank you for thinking of FGCU!
Please submit the Employer Interest Form to   the Office of Internships and Co-operative Programs.

Be sure to indicate your desire to employ an English major! 


How to register for an academic internship:

  • Get approval from the Internship Coordinator, Carol Bledsoe.
  • Enroll in the course before the last day to register for classes.
  • Sign-in to Canvas to find a schedule of the tasks required for an academic internship.


  Kim Jackson
  Language & Literature Chair


  Fiona Tolhurst
  M.A. Program Coordinator


  Mary Crone-Romanovski
  B.A. Program Coordinator