Student Success Stories

FGCU Philosophy graduates have gone on to successful careers in law, business, education, technology, and public administration. They have also been admitted to leading PhD programs and law schools, including those at Emory University, University of Chicago, Ohio State University, and Cambridge University.

Some of our Student Success Stories include:

  • Gabriel Arbois (class of ’18) is a JD Candidate in the Florida International University College of Law.
  • Victoria Blaine (class of ’17) is a Child Welfare Licensing Counselor at the Children’s Network of Southwest Florida.
  • Emilio Feijoo (class of ’16) is a MPhil candidate in the Sociology program at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.
  • Lucy Leban (class of ’15) earned her MA in International Relations at the University of Chicago. She is currently Volunteer Editor at the Center for Feminist Foreign Policy in Washington, DC. 
  • Carlos Lopez (class of ’15) is a JD Candidate at the American University Washington College of Law.
  • Sarah (Eli) Portella (class of ’16) is a PhD candidate in the Philosophy program at the University of Oregon.
  • Farrah Pruskauer (class of ’17) is a JD Candidate at the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Chelsea Roseberry (class of ’14) is a Support Group Clinician at the Center for Grieving Children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Agustina Schiano (class of ’17) is an MA Candidate at Stony Brook University in New York.
  • Jessel Serrano (class of ’15) is a Product Analyst at Telarix, Inc. in Washington, DC.


One of our other students, recently highlighted on the CAS home page, is Logan Schulz, pictured here. Some of Logan's highlights include creating the Global Medical Brigade, establishing clinics in Nicaragua and Honduras, and winning the Service Learning Excellence Awards. 

Logan Schulz