Department of Biological Sciences

Our Bachelor's degree programs in Biology have rigorous concentrations and hands-on experiences designed to prepare graduates for successful careers in all avenues of biological science.

Undergraduate Degrees


Biology (BA)  Biology (BS) Accelerated (BS) Biotechnology (BS)




Faculty and Students collaborate in real world scientific research and scholarship.

Student Engagement

We have many ways for students to engage in the department, university, and community with more than 15 clubs and organizations.


Students can further develop their scientific knowledge and skills and get experience in a chosen career through internships with our community partners.

Department Contacts:

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Croshaw, Dean
Program Coordinator/Professor
WH 0250
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Program Coordinator/Associate Professor
WH 0201
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Renk, Clifford
Professor, Biology
WH 0222
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Program Coordinator/Assoc Prof
WH 0253
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