Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Undergraduate research has proven to be instrumental in engaging students helping to provide direct and marketable experience in the students' chosen disciplines, increase knowledge and the desire for knowledge, and enhance career development. The Seidler gift initially established of a more formalized summer research and scholarly projects program for the College of Arts & Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University. The program has now expanded to encompass all terms, and some year long projects which will provide students the opportunity to work closely with faculty on research and scholarly projects. Participating students and faculty receive a stipend to assist with costs associated with the research including materials and supplies related to the students' research and travel expenses for students to attend and present their research at appropriate conferences.

Instructions for submission of proposals for 2019/2020 Student/Faculty Undergraduate Scholarly Collaboration Fellowships:

  • Review the description and application instructions found in the 2019/2020  Request for Proposals.
  • Download and complete the  editable pdf General Information and Budget Form. Please save this file as follows:
    facultylastname_first initial_SeidlerUSCF2018_FORM.pdf (e.g. smith_j_SeidlerUSCF2019_FORM.pdf)
  • Collect and compile your supporting documentation in a single pdf file as directed in the Request for Proposals.
  • Email these two separate pdf documents to Patricia Rice (price@fgcu.edu) by the deadline of 5:00pm, Friday February 15, 2019.

Instructions for the next round of proposals (2020/2021) will be due sometime around February 15, 2020. Watch this page for more information.

Selection Committee

Arts & Humanities
(BSMA; Communication & Philosophy; Language & Literature; Integrated Studies)

Dan Balcazo, Theatre - 2019
Myra Mendible, L&L - 2020

Behavioral, Political & Social Sciences
(Justice Studies, Political Sciences & Public Administration; Psychology; Social Sciences)

Derek S. Reiners, Poli Sci - 2019
Michael Cole, History - 2020

(Biological Studies;  Chemistry & Physics; Marine & Ecological Studies; Mathematics

Ju Chou, Chemistry - 2020
Joe Kakareka, Chemistry - 2019