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The Whitaker Center supports FGCU STEM majors through:

The Center is also affiliated with the student organization for FGCU Cancer Research Program (RSO available for students interested in Cancer Research).


Undergraduate Research

Faculty with StudentThe Whitaker Center facilitates student research by providing assistance through summer research scholarships, research proposal development, selection of faculty supervisors, and the IRB approval process. In addition, the Center assists students and their supervisors in the publication and dissemination of the research results. We provide leadership in the development of undergraduate research that can be duplicated within the university and other post secondary institutions.

Presenting students should upload their final poster and abstract to DigitalFGCU.
2018 Full List of Abstracts


STEM Scholarships

The application for Whitaker Center Summer Research Scholarships is currently closed.

During the summer of 2020, we have 13 for Undergraduate and Graduate STEM majors graduating May 2021 or later through the Blair Foundation Scholarship (below), and we have 1 scholarship available for undergraduate research in the life sciences through the Steven and Carol Brodie Scholarship.

Brodie Foundation Life Sciences Scholarship - $10,000 summer scholarship to conduct research with an FGCU faculty advisor in a life science area. The award is split as $5,000 as a summer scholarship to the student and $5,000  for research supplies and travel while the student is conducting research at FGCU.

  • Requirements: Student must provide a letter of support from their faculty research advisor, conduct research related to the life sciences, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and have an expected graduation date of May 2021 or later. 

Blair Foundation Scholarships - $5,000 summer scholarship to conduct research with an FGCU faculty advisor. Seven of these are specifically for student conducting environmental research while six will be for any area of STEM research.

  • Requirements: Student must provide a letter of support from their faculty research advisor, demonstrate a serious commitment to protecting the environment, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and be an upperclassmen pursuing any STEM major.  There will be 13 awards for 2020. 

All scholarship awardees must also complete an additional scholarship application with the FGCU Foundation Office in order to receive any FGCU scholarship.

View template for Faculty Mentor Letter for summer research scholarships.

  • STEM Education (Future Teacher Scholarships)


Mini-Grant Applications

Application Information

  • Applicants must be either a faculty or student at FGCU.
  • Due to limited funds, an individual may receive no more than $500  per academic year per category.
  • Funds will not be awarded for salary stipends.
  • Funds may not be awarded for student travel associated with an FGCU course (example, we cannot fund study abroad)

Other Opportunities for student funding:
USSSA awards are made on a rolling basis.

 WC Mini-grant Funding

  • Research Funding

  • Travel Funding

  • PK-12 Initiatives

  • Award Information


Internship/Job Postings

We offer a variety of short-term opportunities to work in STEM Outreach through our summer programs.
Check back in Spring 2019 for next year's summer programming internships

For more opportunities contact:
Internship & Co-operative Programs 
Internships in STEM areas can be accessed through Eagle Career Link
Office: Library East 433

Phone number: (239) 745-4423