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Center Research

The Center offers unique opportunities for students to conduct research and advance their knowledge of Genocides around the world

Student researchOne of the more recent research projects evolved out of a gift to the University of three photograph albums given by a local resident to Florida Gulf Coast University. These albums captured stories of the neighbor's wife, a part of a Nazi family in Germany prior to and during the war. The students pictured are working to discover more about the families, the times and the fashion. 



Previous Research Intern Success Stories:

  • Taylor undertook research from the Roosevelt archives relating to Jewish refugee policy during the Holocaust; this led to her being accepted for a Fellowship at the Holocaust Museum Houston, and then invitations to attend the Annual Lemkin Summit to End Genocide and Mass Atrocities in Washington, D.C.
  • Danielle undertook research in London, UK, on the Jewish dimension of nineteenth century spiritualism, leading to her presenting papers at the Annual Conference of the Midwest Jewish Studies Association.
  • Lori assisted the Director by translating into English, for the first time anywhere, an important document from St. Hedwig's Cathedral, Berlin, Germany, relating to a German priest who saved Jews during the Holocaust and was martyred in the process; the translated document was then published in a reference book.
  • Christopher undertook cutting-edge research examining the notion of "autogenocide" in the British Army prior to World War I; this research led to him working on a PhD at a university in Arizona.