Career Ready Eagles

Career Ready Eagles

As students develop in their programs of study they are also building important competencies for success in the workforce.  FGCU believes that one of the key components to student success is career planning and skill building.  The Career Ready Eagles module is designed to give you an understanding of how to start the planning process, the tools that are available to you, and how you can continue the growth through your years on campus.

Career Ready Eagles Requirements and Holds

Florida House Bill 1261 requires all incoming students to FGCU to complete the Career Ready Eagles.  If this is not accomplished, a hold will be placed on the student’s account after the drop/add period of the student’s second semester.  The hold will be removed once the requirement has been met.

Completion of the Career Ready Eagles Module

Simple steps to complete the module:

    1. Review the content in the Career Ready Eagles Canvas module. This includes reading, brief videos, and small activities.
    2. Explore the website to compare salaries of different majors and earnings over time.
    3. Complete the MyPlan assessments that help with major and career path choice.
    4. Register with Career Development Services by completing your profile in Eagle Career Network.
    5. Complete the Career Ready Eagles quiz and affirm you have completed the requirements and received the information listed above.

Career Ready Eagles Logo

The Career Ready Eagles module is designed to provide an overview of FGCU’s commitment to supporting students’ post-graduation career goals and serves as the foundation for designing career success. 

*Students must complete the module through Canvas to avoid a registration hold.


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Explore FGCU's official career management system. Visit the Eagle Career Network for internships & cooperative programs, full- and part-time opportunities, upcoming career fairs and events, exclusive workshops, networking opportunites, and more.


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