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  • Budget trainings for new employees will now be hosted in group sessions, once a month.  We are working on posting the upcoming dates and creating a way for employees to signup for a session.   In the meantime, please continue to contact Megan Clipse (mclipse@fgcu.edu) to schedule trainings, but know the dates will be limited as we transition away from one-on-one trainings to group sessions.
  • The "Rate Amendement Request" form has been updated to include a column for New Position Total.  This column will help us input changes correctly for positions that have multiple labor distributions, stipends, etc. as it will indicate what the TOTAL position budget should be.  
  • Workday planning & implementation is underway so please be patient with our office during this time as our availability will be more limited.  Thank you in advance! 


Cognos Resources

COGNOS - Budget Expenditure Report

Cognos Budget Expenditure Report Userguide

This report is for internal use only. Authorized FGCU faculty and staff will be prompted to enter their username@fgcu.edu and password for access. Please contact The Budget Office if you do not have Cognos access.

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