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  • Visa Clearance Form

  • Financial Support Verification Letter

  • Sponsor's Financial Support Statement

Undergraduate Admission Financial Assistance Forms

Miscellaneous Forms

  • Address and/or Name Change Form: Applicants may update their address or name by submitting this form.

  • Application Signature Page: Applicants who did not sign their application before submitting it must complete and submit the application signature page.

  • Change of Term Form: A change of application term may only be granted for 2 terms after, or 1 term before, the original application term. Your request will be processed if space is available and you are admissible for the new term. Admissions for the new term is not guaranteed. If you were denied admissions or this is your second request to change an admissions term, you must submit a new application and fee. Denied applicants cannot submit this form. You must notify the following offices of your intent to change terms: 1) Financial Aid, 2) Housing, and 3) the Registrar’s Office, if enrolled in classes in the original term, to ensure proper withdrawal from classes to avoid tuition & fee charges. If you are interested in limited access programs, you should contact these programs for more information. Applicants previously awarded a Tuition Waiver must re-apply for a waiver for the new term. Send this form to Undergraduate Admissions, before the application deadline for the new term, by emailing it to Undergraduate Admissions or faxing it to 239-590-7894.

  • Admission Appeals Documentation: An appeal of a denial admissions decision will only be considered if you provide new and compelling information that was not part of your original application; moreover, these items must be submitted within 30 days of your denial date. Examples of new and compelling information include but are not limited to new test scores that are significantly higher than those previously submitted or disability documentation. Fall and summer appeals are reviewed monthly from January through April. Spring appeals are reviewed in October. 

    You must submit two documents to begin this process. First, you need to submit a 2-page personal essay in which you describe extenuating circumstances that influenced your academic performance, discuss your special talents or abilities, and explain what you expect to contribute to the FGCU campus. Finally, you must submit at least two letters of recommendation from academic sources such as high school teachers or college professors. Recommendation letters from employers, family members or any other non-academic source will not be considered.

    The appeals documents must be submitted by email to in a PDF or Word document format– make sure to enter “Appeals Document” in the subject field of your email.

    All items must be submitted in order to be considered for the admissions review process; moreover, the admissions office will review these documents to determine if your file will be reviewed by the admissions appeals committee. If selected for the appeals process, your file will be thoroughly reviewed by the committee; however, the likelihood of a denial decision being reversed based on an appeal is very low. Before pursuing this process, you should retest and submit significantly higher scores or make plans to transfer to FGCU. Learn more about how to transfer into FGCU.

  • Disability Documentation Requirements:  Applicants with a disability may submit additional documentation.