Rental Vehicle Information

Rental Vehicles

Florida Gulf Coast University uses the State of Florida contract with Enterprise and National for the rental of vehicles. This contract is only applicable for renting from Enterprise and National in the continental U.S.  See the Procurement Services Website for details on how to rent vehicles. If a traveler rents a car from a company other than Enterprise or National, the University will only reimburse up to the contract rates. To avoid incurring non-allowable expenditures, it is strongly suggested that all travelers arrange to rent cars through the University’s contracted vendors.  The University P-Card should be used to pay for rental vehicles whenever possible.

Rent a vehicle through the State of Florida contract with Enterprise and National

Rental rates for Enterprise and National 

Some major cities may have additional city surcharges in addition to the contract daily rate on the price sheet.  Check for additional surcharges

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Class of Car Allowable

Rental is restricted to a compact (Class B) vehicle unless traveling with multiple travelers or traveling with extra equipment or excess baggage when the car is shared with other travelers. A Procurement Services Justification Form must be provided when submitting the voucher for reimbursement.

Travelers will not be reimbursed for use of a car larger than the B-car class on the rental car contract because of the size or stature of the individual unless the requirements of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) are met.

If the traveler chooses to rent a vehicle larger than class-B for personal purposes, they will be responsible for the additional cost.

Under no circumstances should a luxury or premium vehicle be reserved.

Decline insurance for business travel as rates are built into the daily rate. However, if you are planning on renting a vehicle while on foreign travel, additional insurance must be purchased.

Additional Benefits

  • Unlimited mileage for contracted car classes
  • Complimentary “We’ll Pick You Up” service available within 10-mile radius with 24-hour advanced notice.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Offers the same rates for employee personal travel, however, insurance will not be included. Please use the same link above for personal rental reservations.

Travel Contacts

Paige Messer
Accountant II

Michelle Frederick
Accountant Specialist