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Athletic Travel Information

Team Travel

A blanket TAR, which is used for multiple trips over a specific period of time, should be established under the head coach who is responsible for team travel at the beginning of each fiscal year. A Group Roster/Cash Distribution Form indicating all employees and volunteers authorized to travel with the team as part of the Official Travel Party should be attached to the TAR. If any changes in the roster occur throughout the year, a new Group Roster/Cash Distribution Form should be submitted to the Travel Desk. A season schedule should also be attached to each blanket TAR submitted to the Travel Desk.


A&P Policies & Procedures Forms & Procedures

Cash Advances for Team Travel

Cash Advances may be issued to a full-time employee traveling with an Athletic Team. Cash advances are intended primarily for distributing meal allowances when the team does not dine together. A cash advance may also be used to cover incidentals that cannot be placed on a P-Card. A Cash Advance Request Form should be submitted to Accounts Payable at least ten (10) days prior to the departure date. A Group Roster/Cash Distribution Form indicating all student athletes, employees and volunteers traveling as part of the Official Travel Party should be submitted with each Cash Advance Request Form. A full-time employee should have no more than one cash advance outstanding at a time, except under special circumstances such as back to back trips.

Meal Allowances for Athletic Team Travel

Maximum meal allowance rates, including gratuity, as outlined in Florida Statue 112.061, are as follows:

$6.00 for breakfast (when travel begins before 6:00 AM and extends beyond 8:00 AM)
$11.00 for breakfast (when travel begins before 12:00 PM and extends beyond 2:00 PM)
$19.00 for breakfast (when travel begins before 6:00 PM and extends beyond 8:00 PM)

Reconciliation Process for Athletic Team Travel

Upon return from travel, each employee who spend funds during team travel (via cash advance, P-Card, or personal funds) should complete a separate Group Travel/Event Reconciliation Form.

  • Multiple trip reconciliations may not be combined on the same form.
  • All expenses incurred from the time of departure to the time of return should be itemized and documented on the Group Travel/Event Reconciliation Form. They should be recorded in chronological order and each meal/meal allowance distribution should be listed separately. The Group Travel/Event Reconciliation Form should be submitted to Accounts Payable within ten (10) days of return and should be accompanied by the following documents:
    • An original itemized cash register receipt for each cash expense, and copies of receipts for all meal and food related expenses placed on a P-Card (originals should stay in the P-Card binder).
    • All Group Roster/Cash Distribution Forms (one should be submitted for each distribution of cash, and one should be attached to each meal receipt listing all members of the Official Travel Party who were present for the meal).
    • A copy of the Check Log signed by a cashier (if unspent cash advance funds were returned). Any unspent cash advance funds should be deposited back to the University within 72 hours of return.

Anthony Travel is a contracted vendor that is able to assist all teams with travel arrangements. If interested in participating in the contract, please contact Ashley Whitis.

Travel Contacts

Paige Messer
Accountant II

Michelle Frederick
Accountant Specialist