The Office of Procurement Services requires that all vendors be registered with Florida Gulf Coast University before contacting Procurement Services or any department on campus.  

Marketing Your Products and Services

The University's policy is that vendors are not to market products directly to departmental personnel prior to contacting Procurement Services.  If a vendor wishes to make contact with Procurement Services, appointments are preferred.  Sales contacts with the Office of Procurement Services are normally scheduled between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 

Vendor Registration

In order to do business with Florida Gulf Coast University, all vendors must apply and register with the Office of Procurement Services.

To register with the University, complete both the substitute W-9 form and register with Bonfire.  

Foreign Vendors will need to complete either; W-8BEN if you are an foreign person, or W-8BEN-E if you are a foreign entity.

Once all documents have been completed and signed, please mail via US mail or email to:

Parking on Campus

A parking permit is required for all vehicles on campus. Parking instructions and permits are issued in the information booth at the main entrance. Valid permits allow parking in areas designated. Parking in handicap spaces without a permit, in front of fire hydrants, in fire lanes, on lawns or sidewalks is strictly prohibited and may result in towing at the owner's expense.

Insurance Requirements

View Sample Insurance Document

Vendors shall, at minimum, provide, pay for, and maintain at all times coverages set forth below. Each policy shall clearly identify the foregoing indemnification is insured.

  1. Vendor shall maintain worker’s compensation insurance for all employees, including coverage under the applicable law of the jurisdiction where the work will be performed. Vendor shall also require that all of its subcontractors maintain similar worker’s compensation coverage. For the purpose of this section, self-insurance approved by the appropriate state agency or regulatory body is deemed to satisfy these requirements.
  2. Vendor shall maintain general liability insurance. Limits shall be a minimum of: (i) $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury or property damage; (ii) $1,000,000 per occurrence for products or completed operations; and (iii) $2,000,000 annual aggregate for products or completed operations’ claims. Coverage shall include those perils generally associated with a commercial general liability policy and specifically include contractual liability coverage. Coverage shall contain no exclusions for cross liability between insureds.  Vendors shall also require that all of its subcontractors maintain similar general liability insurance.
  3. Vendor shall maintain automobile liability insurance. Limits shall be a minimum of: (i) $1,000,000 per accident combined single limit or (ii) $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and $500,000 per occurrence for property damage.  Coverage shall include liability assumed under this Agreement.
  4. Vendor shall maintain umbrella liability insurance. Limits shall be a minimum of: (i) $2,000,000 per occurrence; (ii) $2,000,000 general aggregate; and, (iii) $10,000 self-insured retention.
  5. With regard to the above, Vendor’s insurance shall: (i) be underwritten by a licensed insurer reasonably acceptable to the University; (ii) be primary for the University’s exposure relative to any insurance purchased or maintained by the Vendor; (iii) be evidenced by a certificate of insurance containing a signature by a duly authorized representative of the insurer providing such insurance cannot be canceled, non-renewed or materially altered without thirty (30) days written notice by certified mail to the University; (iv) such policy or policies shall specifically protect University by naming Florida Gulf Coast University Board of Trustees as additional insured; (v) the official title of the certificate holder shall be Florida Gulf Coast University Board of Trustees. With regard to the general liability insurance and automobile liability insurance, Vendor’s insurance shall be endorsed so the insurer will waive subrogation rights against the University.

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