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Purchasing Information

VENDORSCONTRACTSSOLICITATIONS Independent ContractorsTerms & Conditions

 Order Procedure and Dollar Thresholds

  • Hardbound books over $250 or other purchases of commodities $5,000 or greater per item are considered capital fixed assets and will be tagged for property tracking.
  • Purchases of $5,000 to $9,999 is the level at which the need for written quotations will be at the discretion of Purchasing.
  • Purchases of $10,000 to $74,999 is the level at which a requisitions should have 2-3 written quotes.
  • Purchases of $75,000 or greater is the level at which Procurement Services may perform formal solicitations for commodities and contractual services and advertise such in accordance with University Regulations.
  • Purchases of $500,000 to $999,999.99 is the level at which countersignature by the Vice President of Administrative and Finance is required to execute contracts for commodities and contractual services.
  • Purchases of $1,000,000 or more require countersignature by the President to execute contracts for commodities and contractual services.
  • Leases of space totaling 5,000 or more square feet should be performed by competitive solicitation by Procurement Services.

Invoicing and Payment

Unless otherwise stipulated on the Purchase Order or contract, all invoices should be submitted directly to the University's Accounts Payable Department.  Florida Gulf Coast University is exempt from Florida state sales taxes.  The exemption number appears on the face of the vendor Purchase Order copy.  Payment may be delayed if invoices or packages do not reference a University purchase order number.


Unless otherwise stated in a Purchase Order or solicitation document, all deliveries must be F.O.B. Destination at the vendor's expense.  This expense may be included as a part of the product cost or as a separate line item in a quote or solicitation response.

Unless otherwise stated in the contract documents, deliveries are to be made to Central Receiving.  Freight deliveries can only be accepted at Central Receiving.

Vendor Issues

University departments are encouraged to directly contact vendors in an effort to resolve any dissatisfaction with product, warranty, or service performance. When problems are not resolved to the user's satisfaction, departments are encouraged to contact the Office of Procurement Services for assistance. The Office of Procurement Services then forwards the complaint to the vendor.  A vendor receiving the complaint is urged to act immediately to resolve the complaint.


Maryan Egan

Procurement Director


Jennifer Reeder

Associate Procurement Director


Alex Drevenkar

Procurement Coordinator II


Kyle Ray

Procurement Coordinator I


Margarita Zapata-Carrasquillo

Procurement Specialist II