2022 Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs

2022 Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs  

Study Abroad in Business - Bolivia

The course will provide students with an international study  firld experience in Bolivia. Students will study and experience the institutional environment of Latin America in general, and Bolivia in particular, and its implications for the global competitiveness of local economies and its indeginous firms as well as US firms expanding to and operatiing in Latin America and Bolivia. Emphasis will be placed on the political, econoomic, socio-cultural, technological, historical, geographic and ecological factors in Latin America and Bolivia and implications for global business. 

Dates: May 6th, 2022 - May 16th, 2022 

Course/s: GEB 3956 – Study Abroad in Business - Bolivia

Faculty Leaders: Daniel Rottig and Manual G. Olave

Program Fee: $1690 

Application Deadline: March 1st 

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Cochabamba Bolivia
Cochabamba, Bolivia

Experience Italian Hospitality, Regional features, and Gastronomy

The course is a unique combination of coursework and international travel that immerses students in a variety of Italian hospitality operations found in the Tuscany region, which are essential to resort and hospitality management. An appreciation for diverse amenities, as well as, agri-touristic opportunities in local food specialties, cheese and wine production with learning activities from local experts, gaining a better understanding of local, regional and seasonal impacts is invaluable to students seeking to become premier hospitality management professionals.

Dates: May 15th, 2022 - May 29th, 2022 

Course/s: HFT 4955 – RHM Study Abroad

Faculty Leaders: James Fraser, Dr. Catherine Curtis 

Program Fee: $4300 - $4800 (range depends on airfare estimates)

Application Deadline: January 31st


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Tuscany, Italy

Culture, Migration and Community Health in Peru

Trujillo City, Peru

This course is a six week Faculty-Led Study Abroad (FLSA) program in Trujillo, Peru that provides an overview of cultural practices and community health in neighborhoods occupied predominantly by migrants from the nearby Andes mountains.

Dates: July 16th, 2022 - August 4th. 2022

Courses:   ISS 4955 Culture, Migration and Community Health in Peru 

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Max Stein, Dr. William Locascio

Program fees: $2890, does not include tuition for 1 course 

Application Deadline: January 30th, 2022


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Trujillo, Historic center

Comparative Healthcare Systems 

Italy (Florence and Rome) and Switzerland (Geneva and Interlaken)

This study abroad experience will provide students with the opportunity to explore healthcare through a comparative lens, by comparing and contrasting European healthcare systems with the U.S. healthcare system. Students will visit two countries in Europe, Switzerland and Italy, to explore the history of the development of healthcare, how the healthcare system has evolved over time, the role of government in healthcare, the relationship between culture and health, and the current trends and state of healthcare in each country. Students will be immersed in the different challenges and solutions to healthcare in Europe, including healthcare delivery, organization models, funding models, workforce issues, and outcomes. The in-depth view of European healthcare will be provided through classroom discussion, guest lectures from healthcare professionals, and site visits to healthcare facilities in each country.

*Open to all majors, no prerequisites 

Dates: May 18th, 2022 - June 1st, 2022

Courses: HSA 3124 Comparative Health Services Delivery System

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Lesley Clack and Professor Joan Faris

Program fees: $3386, does not include tuition (3 credits)

Application Deadline: November 15th


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Comparative Healthcare Systems Program student in the Swiss Alps

Life in Peru 

Iquitos, Amazon, Lima and Cuzco

This interdisciplinary program focuses on the theme of “life” to include both human and non-human consideration with a particular emphasis in the Peruvian Amazon.  A little more than half the trip will be based in Iquitos, Peru and at field stations in the Amazon rainforest, where students will examine the interconnection between the biology, culture, and healthcare of tropical Peru. 

Dates: May 7th, 2022 - June 1st, 2022 (tentative)

Courses:  Honors IDS 3920: University Colloquium, Honors IDH 3930: Life in Peru

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Charles (BillY) Gunnels, Jessica Marcolini and Dr. Clay Motley

Program fees: $3590, does not include tuition (3 or 6 credits)

Application Deadline: November 1st, 2021


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Peru Boat

FGCU Life in Peru Program 2019