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Study Abroad

Expand your world and your future

By immersing yourself in another culture somewhere across the globe, you will broaden your international perspective, gain greater awareness of your own culture and history — and collect amazing travel stories to share for a lifetime. Studies show that international experience leads to greater employment opportunities after you graduate — isn't that worth the investment of a semester or summer abroad?

Explore the variety of programs and locations available here. Our staff can help you match your goals and interests with the best international options. 

Explore education abroad 

*FGCU Study Abroad Fair: This Wednesday February 5th, 10am to 2pm in the Breezeway next to Griffin Hall 


2020 Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs  

Program Types

Education Abroad Providers

Outside provider organizations that facilitate independent study abroad experiences for students. There are hundreds of options out there and we will assist you sort through them all and find the best option that matches your academic and personal interests and goals. 

Program Map / Explore By Location  

Explore By Major (suggested 3rd party provider programs) 


Athena in Aberdeen, Scotland (semester) 

USAC in Valencia, Spain (summer and semester)

James Cook University in Australia (semester direct enroll)  

CIEE, Costa Rica (summer and semester) 

CEA Alicante, Spain (summer and semester)

USAC in Torino, Italy (summer and semester)

CIS Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic (summer and semester)

IFSA Butler in Shanghai, China (summer and semester) 

London, England in KEI (summer and semester)  

See Exchange Partnership Opportunities Below 

Sant'Anna Institute, Sorrento Italy (summer and semester) 

Athena in Dublin, Ireland (semester) 

USAC in Verona, Italy (summer and semester) 

EUSA in Seville, Spain, (semester)  

CIS Abroad in Salaya, Thailand (summer and semester)

Athena in Florence, Italy (summer and semester) 

USAC in Seoul, Korea (semester) 

Harlaxton Manor, England (summer and semester, courses)

EUSA in Seville, Spain, (semester)  

Harlaxton Manor, England (summer and semester, courses)

IFSA Butler in Edinburgh, Scotland (semester) 

USAC in Ireland (summer and semester)  

CIS in Costa Rica (summer and semester)  

Harlaxton Manor, England (summer and semester, courses)

IFSA Butler in Manipal, India (semester) 

Sant'Anna Institute (summer and semester) 

USAC in Accra, Ghana (summer and semester) 

Sustainable Urban Mobility in the Netherlands with USF (FGCU students must complete FLVC app first)

Harlaxton Manor, England (summer and semester, courses)

Athena in Florence, Italy (summer and semester) 

CIS in Salaya Thailand (summer and semester) 

USAC in Valencia, Spain (summer and semester) 

CEA Abroad Paris (summer and semester) 

CEA Seville (summer and semester) 

USAC Maastricht Netherlands (summer and semester) 

IFSA Butler ($2000 off all published program fees for FGCU students) 

USAC (Affiliate discounts available)

CIS Abroad (Affiliate discounts available)

Athena Abroad (Affiliate discounts available)

CEA Study Abroad  (Affiliate discounts available)

Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI)  (Affiliate discounts available)

TEAN Abroad (Affiliate discounts available)

SAE Barcelona 

AIFS Abroad (Affiliate discounts available) 

Featured Programs


Harlaxton College in Grantham, EnglandLion w FGCU Pennent

Imagine studying in a 100-room Victorian manor house in the rolling English countryside one hour north of London. At Harlaxton College, you will do just that. And you'll share the manor with a community of committed faculty, supportive staff and fellow students from UE and our partner colleges. Course Offerings 

 Sant'Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy 

Photo of Sorrento Italy

Sant'Anna Institute is an international community of constant cultural exchange among faculty, staff and students. Located in southern Italy, the school is an impressive historic structure perched on the cliffs of the Amalfi coast, overlooking the fishing village of Marina Grande and a short walk from the city center. Course Offerings 

FGCU Peru: Culture, Migration,Community Health


This is a faculty led program that combines international classroom instruction and direct exposure to the socioecnomic challenges and health threats that characterize Trujillo Peru's low income population.  Program fee is $2400 and includes airfare, accommodation, transportation, meals and activities. It does not include tuition for the 3 credit course. For more information and to apply for this program


 Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea


The Seoul program with provider USAC offers courses that introduce you to the business, politics, economics, philosophy, religion, and language of Korea, one of the most rapidly developing nations in East Asia. Seoul is a city of opposites bustling with palaces, city gates, and temples next to government offices, embassies, theatres, shopping, and more. Courses


Funding Resources

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that leads to life-changing experiences. However, the costs associated can seem daunting at first. FGCU is committed to providing its students with the tools and resources necessary to offset the cost of an international experience. On this page, you will find multiple ways to fund your experience abroad.


person planning out travles on a map with friend  

Education Abroad Activities & Events

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