F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

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F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Curricular Practical Training is a type of off-campus work permission for F-1 international students who are currently pursuing a course of study in the United States and want to gain experience in their fields of study. CPT is not available after a student completes a degree program.

The Global Engagement Office at Florida Gulf Coast University can authorize curricular practical training for you if it can be documented that the proposed employment meets one of the three following conditions:

  1. The training employment is required of all degree candidates in the program and is necessary for awarding the degree. Included in this category is employment in a required internship or practicum. In their first year of study, graduate students may be eligible for curricular practical training in this category. Undergraduates are not eligible in their first year of study.
  2. The training employment will result in the awarding of academic credit, at least preponderantly, if not solely, based on the training experience. This category includes employment for a course specifically designed to award academic credit for an employment experience. Also included in this category is employment that will result in the award of at least one-course credit for an independent study. In both of these cases, you must be registered for the course when you are working under curricular practical training authorization. 
  3. Students engaged in a research project or thesis where the training opportunity is a necessary component of the student’s research - without the thesis cannot be completed -- may be authorized to undertake curricular practical training. A letter from the student’s thesis, project, or academic advisor explaining in detail the relationship between the proposed employment and the student’s thesis research must be provided.


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