What's happening in Housing?

Residence Hall Reopening

Campus cleanup continues and we have been working very hard to ensure a safe return to campus for all residential students. We are happy to announce that we will be able to open all residential facilities by Friday, October 7, starting at 9 AM. All residential facilities remain closed through Thursday, October 6, to everyone except residential students who were sheltered on campus or evacuated to an area without power. It is extremely important that you cooperate with this directive. There are many challenges that remain in the community (hundreds of traffic lights in Lee County remain inoperable, food and gas shortages, telecommunication infrastructure not fully working, electricity not restored in many locations, flooding, university mail services suspended, etc.). 

The University needs to hear from every student about how they are doing after Hurricane Ian. If you haven’t contacted the FGCU Storm Recovery Call Center, you can complete an online form at https://form.jotform.com/222735776089166 or call 239-310-5398. 

Considerations for residents upon returning: 

  • Power in South Village and North Lake Village was not lost for a significant period and should not have affected any perishable items. We encourage you to check perishable items and look at expiration dates upon your return to determine if items are still safe to consume. Please discard any items very carefully.  
  • We have completed initial assessments of our facilities, but if you encounter an issue, please submit a maintenance request on the Housing Web Portal https://rms.fgcu.edu/Page/HousingPortal. 
  • Telecommunications across campus are still affected. Cell phone coverage and wireless networks are operating inconsistently.  
  • The Housing Office will resume normal operations at 8 AM on Monday, October 10. 

We encourage you to keep checking your Eagle e-mail account, the FGCU Housing Facebook page, and FGCU Housing Instagram for updates. We appreciate your patience in this process.   

Stay safe!

Boil Water Advisory

Boil Water Advisory

Post Hurricane Ian

West Lake Village Update (3:00 PM Sunday, 10/2/22) 

West Lake Village remains closed at this time. While power has been restored to West Lake Village, we must evaluate several systems (including life-safety systems and plumbing) to ensure a safe return.  

Several of you have reached out requesting to retrieve a few items from your apartment at WLV. In response, the Residence Life staff will be available at the West Lake Village Community Center from 1-3 PM on Monday, October 3, to escort students to their apartment for this purpose. Residents must check-in at the community center to gain access to their apartment. This is the only timeframe we can offer this service. If you arrive outside of these hours, you will be turned away. 

West Lake Village is still not open for occupancy, so please provide grace and patience as our team works toward reopening. We hope to make West Lake Village available, for residents that sheltered in Alico Arena or evacuated to an area still without power and water as soon as possible. Please wait for another update regarding progress toward this goal. We will continue to update you via Eagle email, the FGCU Housing Facebook page and Instagram as more details become clear. 

Stay safe!

Post Hurricane Ian Housing Update (3:00 PM Saturday, 10/1/22)

All sheltered students have been moved out of Alico Arena. Staff from Housing and Residence Life are completing an assessment of all residential properties today.

At this time, all residential facilities and SoVi Dining remain closed to everyone except residential students who were sheltered on campus or evacuated to an area without power. It is extremely important that you cooperate with this directive.  

Residents are not permitted to return to campus at this time for a variety of reasons. They include:  

  • Lee County has a curfew in place beginning at 6 PM. 
  • On campus, we have a boil water advisory in effect until further notice.
  • Many streetlights remain inoperable. It’s very unsafe to drive right now.  
  • I-75 is closed in Sarasota County.
  • Most food locations, stores, etc. remain closed.
  • Gas remains in limited supply.
  • Campus food service is not operational.
  • Campus staffing levels are at essential personnel only.
  • Telecommunication infrastructure remains unstable with varying coverage on cell networks.
  • University staff and vendors are not fully available to respond to all needs.

Check-in & Checkout Schedules


  • Non-graduating residents - 24 hours after your last final exam or December 17 by 3 PM; whichever is earlier.
  • Graduating residents - December 19 by 12 PM

Spring check-in will occur on Saturday, January 7, 2023 starting at 9 AM. Review our Move-in Guide page for advice on what to bring and what not to bring.

  • South Village - Check-in at your building front desk
  • North Lake Village & West Lake Village - check-in at the community center front desk
  • Summer A 2023
    • check-in - May 13
    • checkout - June 25 by 3 PM
  • Summer B 2023
    • check-in - June 25
    • checkout - August 6 by 3 PM
  • Summer C 2023
    • check-in - May 13
    • checkout - July 23 by 3 PM


New Applicant Room Selection

Room selection for new housing applicants will take place in May 2023. Additional details about this process will be sent to students with completed applications in late April 2023.

To be eligible for room selection, applicants must have a completed housing application ($50 fee paid and co-signed if under 18), paid $200 admissions deposit, and have registered for orientation.

South Village Room Selection GuideNorth Lake Village Selection Guide