Common Concerns and Self-Help Tools

The information we provide are for self-help purposes only and are not intended to replace professional consultation or treatment.  If you are in need of more assistance, please visit or call our office (239-590-7950) during business hours. CAPS inclusion of links to other websites does not imply endorsement of content on, or affiliation with, those websites. 

Distress Tolerance CardDistress Tolerance

PDF:  Self-Soothing skills
Image:  STOP – mindful awareness

Problem Solving CardProblem Solving

Image:  Problem Solving Questions
PDF:  Problem Solving Strategies

Value CardValues

Image: Values Explained
Image: What Are Your Values?



Video Presentations

Managing Test Anxiety

Understanding Psychotropic Medications

Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety

Nutrition and Mental Health

Interpersonal Communication Overview

Interpersonal Communication Presentation

Holistic Approach

Getting Healthy Sleep

Asperger's On Campus

Career Counseling


CAPS on Camera

CAPS on Camera features a variety of videos that range from clinical, to informative, to just plain fun.  Our staff is here to provide support to those in our community who are looking to gain knowledge of different mental health issues and identify applicable skills in navigating difficult life situations.  Take from this channel what you find appropriate to your current situation, and don’t forget to have fun along the way.



Additional Resources


Learn about resources for physical and mental health care, on- and off-campus supports, reporting options, and how to support someone who has experienced sexual violence.  Learn More

Other Universities:

Dartmouth University: Relaxation and Guided Imagery

University of Florida: Mental Health Apps

Loyola University: Guided Relaxation


Local Resources for Substance abuse


Local AA:
Lee County AA meetings
Local NA:
NA Gulf Coast Meetings

Rehab Links Fort Myers (for the exact location search)

Rehab Links

Local and Statewide Resource Guide for Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Expansive Students

We have created a list of resources that includes information on Trans-specific and Trans-affirming healthcare (including primary care, hormone therapy, surgery, mental health), emergency services, electrolysis/hair removal, salons/barbers, healthcare scholarships, product resources, support groups, social groups, voice coaching, health insurance, and welcoming places of worship.

View Resource Guide

For more information, to offer feedback on any of the providers listed, or if you have questions about the guide, please contact Dr. Katherine Cascio



Relationship Assessments

Being a student can be a very demanding, but fulfilling experience. This can be especially true when a student is in a committed relationship. At times you may feel that your relationship is working harmoniously with your life, or you may find the relationship causes additional stressors. Trying to fill the two roles in your life can often be confusing and frustrating. Take a moment and choose a quiz to find out more about how your relationship is doing.

  • Communication Quiz

  • Healthy Relationship Quiz

  • Abusive Relationship Quiz

  • Conflict Quiz

  • Break Up Quiz


Interpersonal violence (IPV) 

Interpersonal violence (IPV) is an all-too-common experience for many individuals, including college students. This guide provides information on what IPV is, on- and off-campus resources, reporting options, common reactions to IPV, and how to support survivors of IPV. Read IPV guide