Student Resources and Awards


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FGCU offers many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in scholarly activities both within and beyond the classroom. We support these experiences because of the effects that scholarly efforts have on student performance and learning; student scholars become more informed thinkers and communicators. Together, you will find support to initiate your scholarship, research and creative endeavors; resources to carry out your work; and avenues to present and share your discoveries.


Scholarly Research Award (SRA) - Get funds for all your research needs!

Apply to receive up to $750 to support your research and scholarly endeavors

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  • Grant Review Process

  • Eligibility, Awards, and Details



Scholarly Employment Opportunities 

Our office offers a variety of employment opportunities for students, which allows them to develop as scholars and professionals while meeting their financial needs.

  • WiSER Eagles - Paid Research Assistantships

  • Learning Assistants Program

  • Communities in Transition - Community-Engaged Summer Research Program




Writing Guide

The Marieb College of Health and Human Services Writing Guide is designed to present a writing roadmap to help students navigate the writing that they produce while at FGCU

Writing Guide PDF


Other Opportunities

Several other funding and scholarly opportunities are available through the university

 Seidler Benefaction Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Deadline: February 15, 2019
Award: up to $2,000 for materials, supplies, and/or travel, plus $10 hourly wage

Whitaker Center for STEM Education Mini Grant

Proposal due February 25, 2019

Whitaker Center STEM Summer Research Scholarships

Center for Environment and Society SAGE Program

Vester Field Station Internship Award


  • Summer (May, June, July): March 1st
  • Fall (Aug, Sept, Oct): June 1st
  • Winter (Nov, Dec, Jan): September 1st
  • Spring (Feb, March, April): December 1st