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Dr. Anne Nolan Honored with The Joan Glacken Faculty Award of Distinction

June 22, 2022  / M. Martinez, Coordinator Nursing   / Tags: FGCU School of Nursing, Dr. Elaine Nicpon Marieb, Marieb College of Health & Human Services, Faculty Awards

Congratulations to FGCU School of Nursing Director, Dr. Anne Nolan for being honored as recipient of The Joan Glacken Faculty Award of Distinction.  

On June 14, Dr. Nolan was presented the award of distinction by award namesake Dr. Joan Glacken, former Marieb Professor & Associate Dean whom retired in May of 2020. (Pictured in primary photo from left, Dr. Joan Glacken, Dr. Anne Nolan and Dr. Shawn Felton, Interim Dean MCHSS).

The newly established Joan Glacken Faculty Award of Distinction annual reward is presented to acknowledge and honor individuals who have made a long lasting and meaningful impact on Marieb College.
Thank you Dr. Nolan! The direct and lasting impact of your efforts will resonate though the ongoing development and progression of FGCU, the School of Nursing, and our community at large. We appreciate your many years of consistently demonstrating compassion, and sacrificed self over the good for all.


Dr. Anne Nolan, School of Nursing FGCU Award

                                       Award of Distinction Celebration (From left, Dr. Mike Martin, Dr. Anne Nolan,
                                                                    Dr. Joan Glacken, and Dr. Eric Shamus)