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Frequently Asked Questions - M.P.A.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the MPAS Program:

  • Is the Master in Physician Assistant Studies Program accredited?

  • What type of degree will I earn?

  • Do you offer a part-time program?

  • How long is the MPAS Program?

  • How many students are selected for admission?

  • When do classes begin?

  • Is financial aid available?

  • Are students able to work while attending classes?

  • Does the Program offer advance placement for applicants with prior clinical, graduate or doctoral experience?

  • Does the Program offer preferential placement?

  • Am I required to complete a graduate project?

Before You Apply:

  • Which undergraduate courses and/or majors best prepare me for the MPAS Program curriculum?

  • What GRE score is recommended?

  • Does the Program have admission interviews?

  • May I have someone at the MPAS Program review my application, course descriptions, transcripts, references, and/or personal statement prior to submission?

  • My prerequisite courses are older than 7 years. Can I still apply for admission?

  • Can I transfer any previous graduate courses or medical school courses?

  • How many letters of recommendation do you require?

  • How many hours are required of direct patient care experience?

  • What types of experience count as direct patient care?

  • Am I required to shadow a physician assistant?

  • Do I need to complete a background check and drug screening for the MPAS Program?

  • How can I make my CASPA admission application stronger?

  • Does the Program accept Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

  • Does the Program accept online courses?

  • How do I calculate the science GPA?

  • Does the Program accept satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading?

How to Apply:

  • How can I apply to the MPAS (Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program)?

  • What does it mean by "the application must be completed prior to the designated closing date?"

  • Do I need to submit a supplemental application?

  •  I received an email stating I have missing items on my application. What are my next steps?

International Applicant/Foreign Medical Graduate:

  • I am an international applicant. Do you have any additional requirements for international students?

  • I am a foreign medical graduate applying to PA school. Am I required to complete all of the Program prerequisites and do they have to be completed in the stated time frame?

Clinical Rotations:

  • Where are clinical rotations assigned?

  • Can I do a clinical rotation outside of the State of Florida?

  • How are clinical rotations assigned?

  • Is housing provided for clinical rotations?

  • Can I take time off during the clinical year?

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