Honors Houses

Honors Houses

Students are sorted into social communities that encourage participation in curricular and co-curricular activities leading to an Annual House Competition Winner each Spring semester. 


Point Tracker (as of 12-16-2019)

All activities for points must be submitted through Portfolium. No points will be awarded retroactively; all activities submitted must have a start date of August 19, 2019 or later. 

Portfolium Submission Instructions 

House POints
Panther House 426
Flamingo House 370
Sea Turtle House 260
Dolphin House 241
Manatee House 171

House Leadership

  • Flamingo House

  • Dolphin House

  • Sea Turtle House

  • Panther House

  • Manatee House


Being Sorted into a House

FTIC Students
First-Time-In-College students are automatically sorted into a House upon their acceptance into the Honors College.
Internal Admits
Students admitted to the Honors College once they are current FGCU students are sorted by individual request upon their acceptance into the Honors College.
Current Students
Students who are currently in the Honors College prior to Fall 2019 are sorted by individual request when the sorting survey opens in April.