Institutional Affairs Team

Payal Kahar MCHHS 2020
Mushfiq Swaleheen LCOB 2021
Danvers Johnston WCE 2020
Kaleena Rivera LIB 2022 
Bette Jackson CAS 2020
Laura Gardner Student Government  
Tracie Beck ex-officio, SAC  
Sue Meyers ex-officio, Registrar  
Susan Byars ex-officio, Registrar  
2019-20 schedule is forthcoming.


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Team By-Laws

(i) Composition

The Institutional Affairs Team consists of one faculty member representing each academic unit and one student appointed by the SGA. Up to five (5) ex officio members are to be appointed by the President of FGCU.

(ii) Responsibilities and Duties

The Institutional Affairs Team functions as an advisory group and coordinating body with University administration, other nonacademic units, and the community on policy matters affecting the mission of the institution. The team will review and recommend policies concerning all matters relating to, but not limited to, campus planning and environmental concerns, institutional effectiveness and academic assessment; coordination of intern programs and community service activities; support of faculty research, scholarship, and service; academic calendar; and boundary-spanning activities and gifts.