Graduate Curriculum

Danvers Johnston WCE 2020
Michele Stork COE 2021
Kimberly Reycraft LIB 2020
Elizabeth Johnson LCOB 2020
Kristina Mullins MCHHS 2021
Daniel Kern CAS 2021
Jason Lortie SOE 2022
Cathy Duff ex-officio  
Lucero Carvajal ex-officio  
Francisco Marquez ex-officio  

 Proposed curriculum materials are in draft format and subject to change during the review and approval process. Refer to the relevant FGCU catalog at for approved program requirements. 

Team By-Laws

(i) Composition

The Graduate Curriculum Team (GCT) shall consist of one faculty member with graduate faculty Member or Associate Member status representing each College; and one faculty member representing Library Services who is the liaison to a graduate program. Ex-officio members include the Director of Graduate Studies;, one representative from the Office of Academic and Curriculum Support, and one graduate student representative (1-year term) appointed by the Student Government President. Other ex-officio members (1-year term) may be appointed by the Team’s facilitator as appropriate to the Team’s task.

(ii) Responsibilities and Duties

The members of the GCT serve as a unified university entity to review and coordinate among the academic programs, schools and colleges so as to preserve and maintain the integrity of curriculum and course offerings, review and resolve curricular issues, assure public accountability by the university, report to the Faculty Senate and collaborate with the GAT and UCT as appropriate. The GCT may invite representatives from programs proposing curriculum changes to present the proposed changes and answer questions from the GCT. The GCT is responsible for developing policies and procedures associated with the creation, maintenance and revision of graduate curriculum. The Graduate Curriculum Team will review proposed changes in, additions to, and deletions from the graduate curriculum, course descriptions, and catalog information and will forward recommendations to the Office of Academic Affairs.