Faculty Affairs Team

Name College Term Ends
Ara Volkan LCOB 2020
Christine Wright-Isak LCOB 2021
Jennifer Sughrue-Chair COE 2022
Charles Wang COE 2022
Sharon Wright MCHHS 2020
Michelle Angeletti MCHHS 2021
Ashraf Badir WCE 2021
Long Nguyen WCE 2022
Regina Beard LIB 2021
Mike Epple CAS 2020
Morgan Paine CAS 2022
Reid Lennertz SOE 2022
Tony Barringer Administrative Liaison  

2019-20 schedule is forthcoming.

Team By-Laws

(i) Composition

The Faculty Affairs Team consists of two (2) faculty members representing each academic unit, with the exception of Library Services, which may choose to have only one. At least one member from each unit must be at the rank of Associate Professor or higher, with the exception of Library Services. Members must have at least four years  full-time experience in higher education to be eligible for service on the Faculty Affairs Team. 

(ii) Responsibilities and Duties

The Faculty Affairs Team is a standing committee of the collegial faculty governance system, reporting to the Faculty Senate. It provides a direct faculty voice regarding all personnel-related matters pertaining to faculty that are not subject to collective  bargaining, as well as the traditional professional expectations and responsibilities of faculty. The team, at the direction of the Senate leadership, reviews and recommends policies, consistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, concerning matters relating to: (a) general faculty status of university employees, in situations where faculty or non-faculty status is not delineated by the Collective Bargaining Agreement; (b) annual review, promotion, and reappointment issues across academic units;  (c) assessment of faculty teaching, research, and service;  (d) merit criteria;  (e) the availability and allocation of summer support opportunities;  (f) professional development and resource support; (g) the ownership and use of intellectual property;  (h) academic freedom and integrity issues;  (i) criteria for honorary faculty status, including Emeritus status; and (j) other issues of traditional academic concern related to faculty expectations and responsibilities. The Faculty Affairs Team does not negotiate or otherwise determine terms and conditions of employment. Any recommendations related to terms and conditions of employment will be forwarded to the UFF chapter leadership for consideration.