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Immediately after an incident, you have options about what to do next.

  • To get help after experiencing sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence or stalking, you have several options. There is not one “right” answer for everyone, but some suggestions are below.

  • Within 24-48 hours
    • Go somewhere safe
    • Preserve evidence
    • Complete a rape kit, if desired
    • Seek medical treatment, if desired
  • At any time
    • Report the incident
    • Ask for help
Students walking along path
Students walking along path


Common Concerns & Questions

  • Do I have to report within a specific timeframe?

  • Can I report things that happen off campus?

  • I’m afraid that if I report, the respondent will act out against me.

  • I’ve already gone to the police. Do I have to report to FGCU too?

  • I don’t want an investigation. I just want the behavior to stop.

  • Isn’t the process going to be biased towards the complainant?