e-Learning Services

 The e-Learning blog offers tips, tutorials, request forms, and best practices related to Canvas, Kaltura, Adobe Connect, Checkbox Survey, and more.


  Supporting faculty in the use of technology to facilitate teaching and to extend teaching and learning beyond the classroom. E-learing accross the globe

  • Learning Managment System (Canvas), Kaltura, Turnitin, Checkbox Survey, Adobe Connect
  • Web technologies including publisher integrations, student response systems, blogs, video, audio, and portfolio

 Contact (239) 590-7024 for questions for any e-Learning technology orientation and training.


  Empowering faculty to develop exemplary courses and integrate technology into the curriculum.

  • One-on-one consultations
  • Basic to Advanced Canvas LMS training
  • Technology tools training

  Strengthening the instructional effectiveness of your F2F, blended and online course through informed design, proven pedagogical strategies, and strategic use of digital media, audio, video, and other e-Learning technologies.


Our Instructional Designers have years of F2F, blended, and online teaching experience and are available for course design support, online and blended teaching tips, and more, contact us at (239) 590-7024


For Canvas support, call (239) 590-1188 or submit a support ticket via Canvas.

Meet the team

Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Michael Dunbar
Instructional Technologist I
Office: WGCU Broadcast Building WGCU - 17
Phone: 239-745-4201
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
David Jaeger
Dir, Instructional Technology
Office: WGCU Broadcast Building WGCU - 10
Phone: 239-590-2315
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Christopher Jordanek
Assistant Director, e-Learning
Office: WGCU Broadcast Building WGCU - 5
Phone: 239-590-7084
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Marilyn Kennedy
Program Assistant
Office: Daniels Public Media Center DPMC-17
Phone: 239-745-4469
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Nicky Khattapan
Instructional Designer III
Office: WGCU Broadcast Building WGCU - 10
Phone: 239-590-7081
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Diane Marks
Sr. Instructional Designer
Office: Daniels Public Media Center DPMC-6
Phone: 239-590-7082
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Muriel Reyes
Instructional Technologist II
Office: WGCU Broadcast Building WGCU - 18
Phone: 239-590-7083
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Melissa Rizzuto
Instructional Designer III
Office: Daniels Public Media Center DPMC-7
Phone: 239-745-4282