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Sever, Brion (PhD)

Program Coord/Assoc Professor
Dept of Justice Studies
Office: Merwin Hall MH - 264
Phone: 239-590-7831

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Ph.D. Criminology, Florida State University, June 1999.
M.S. Criminology, Florida State University, August 1995.
B.S. Criminology Florida State University, August 1991.
A.A. St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, Fl, December 1989.


Deterrence and Crime
The Measurement of Crime
Correctional Policy
Growth and Consolidation of Municipal Police Forces
Race, Gender, Socio-Economic Status, and Crime
Comparative Criminal Justice
Quantitative Analysis

Courses Offered

CCJ 3700- Methods in Criminal Justice Research
CCJ 3701- Criminal Justice Data Analysis
CCJ 6707- Advanced Quantitative Research
CCJ 6606- Social Constructs of Crime
CCJ 4934- Senior Seminar
CCJ 5476- Management & Administration of Justice
CCJ 6971- Thesis in Criminal Justice
CCJ 6974- Project in Criminal Justice


Selected Publications:


  • Kleck, Gary and Brion Sever (2017) Punishment and Crime: The Limits of Punitive Crime Control. Routledge. Abingdon, UK.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles 

  • Brion Sever, Eric Elg, and Sydney Ellis (2018). “Law Enforcement and the Depiction of Minorities and Women on Social Media: A Review of Municipal Police Department Facebook Pictures” Race and Justice 
  • Sever, Brion and Michele Grillo (2016) “Do Our Books Reinforce Criminal Justice Stereotypes? An Analysis of Images in Introductory Criminal Justice Textbooks.” Journal of Criminal Justice Education.  27: 53-75.
  • Sever, Brion, Venessa Garcia and Antonia Tsiandi (2008) “Municipal Police Department's Attention to Crime Analysis:  Essential or Impractical?" Police Practice and Research Volume 7, Number 4: 323-340.
  • Sever, Brion, Gregory Coram and Gwen Meltzer (2008) “Criminal Justice Graduate Programs at the Beginning of the 21st Century: A Curriculum Analysis Criminal Justice Review 2: 221-249.
  • Sever, Brion and Ronald Reisner (2008) “Collecting Data from the Criminal Courts: Perspectives of Court Staff Members- A Research Note,” Criminal Justice Policy Review 19: 103-116
  • Sever, Brion and Robert Youdin (2006) “Police Knowledge of Older Populations: The Impact of Training, Experience and Education,” Professional Issues in Criminal Justice Volume 1 Number 2: 35-54.
  • Sever, Brion, Joanna Cannon and Albert Gorman (2005) “Study Abroad Programs in Criminal Justice: Comparing Experiences,” International Journal of Comparative Criminology Volume 5, Number 1: 86-94.
  • Kleck, Gary, Brion Sever, Spencer Li and Marc Gertz (2005) “The Missing Link in General Deterrence Research,” Criminology Volume 43, Number 3: 623-659.
  • Sever, Brion (2005)Multiple-authorship in Criminal Justice Scholarship: An Examination of Underlying Issues,”  The Journal of Criminal Justice Education, Volume 16, Number 1: 83-104.
  • Sever, Brion and Michael Mcskimming (2004) “The Impact of Racial Composition and Other Characteristics on the Size of Sheriff’s Departments: A New Analysis of Police Force Growth,” Criminal Justice Policy Review, Volume 15, Number 4: 486-512.
  • Sever, Brion (2003) “The Minority Population / Police Strength Relationship: Exploring Past Research,” Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society Volume 16, number 2.
  • Sever, Brion (2001) “Research Methods for Criminal Justice Graduate Students: Comparing Textbook Coverage and Classroom Instruction,” The Journal of Criminal Justice Education volume 12, number 2: 337-353.
  • Sever, Brion (2001) “The Relationship Between Minority Populations and Police Force Strength: Expanding Our Knowledge”, Police Quarterly volume 4, number 1: 28-68.
  • Sever, Brion, Ronald Reisner, and Ryan King (2001) “Successfully Acquiring Data from the Criminal Courts: Is it What you Know, Who You Know, or What You Don’t Tell Them?” The Justice System Journal, volume 22 number 3: 315-331.
  • Sever Brion and Ronald Reisner (2001) “Racial Composition of Municipal Legislative Governing Bodies and Spending on Public Assistance and Police,” The Justice Professional volume 14, number 1: 19-42.
  • Sever, Brion (2000) “CountySales Tax, Crime Rate and Prison Bed Use in Florida: Implications for the Misuse of Prison Space,” Criminal Justice Policy Review volume 11, number 2: 91-112.
  • Mcskimming, Michael, Brion Sever and Ryan King (2000) “Research Methods in Criminal Justice / Criminology: What are We Teaching and Why?” Journal of Criminal Justice Education, volume 11, number 1, pages 51-63.  
  • Krebs, Chris, Brion Sever and Todd Clear (1999) “Disparate Sentencing: A Tragedy of the Commons,” Corrections Management Quarterly, Spring Edition, volume 3, p. 60-74.