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COE Administration

Eunsook "Eunny" Hyun, Ph. D.
Dean, College of Education
Office: MH - # 242
Phone:  239-590-7791
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Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office
Office: MH - # 296A
Phone:  239-590-7751
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Business Manager
Office: MH - # 243
Phone:  239-590-7755
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Lois Christensen Ed. D.
Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Office: MH - # 248  
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Assistant Dean Student Support and Graduate Advising
Office: MH - # 247  
Phone:   239-590-7759
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Andrew Blatter
Program Assessment Coordinator
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Jennifer Fulwider
Coordinator, Professional Development School Partnerships
Office: MH - # 246  
Phone:    239-745-4361
Vanessa Lavender
Vanessa Lavender
Program Assistant
Office: MH - # 235C  
Phone:    239-590-7359
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Timothy Murphy
Social Media Specialist I
Phone:  239-745-4341
Lauren Willison
Lauren Willison
Director of Community Engagement, Recruitment and Communication
Phone:  239-745-4320

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Office of Candidate Services, Clinical Experiences & Partnerships

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Executive Secretary, Advising
Office: MH - #235A
Phone:  239-590-7778
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Executive Secretary, Student Teaching
Office: MH - #235B
Phone:  239-590-7775
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Olivia Hung-Simons
Academic Advisor II, Student Support Services
Office: MH - # 259
Phone:  239-590-7790
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Academic Advisor I, Student Support Services
Office: MH - #258
Phone:  239-745-4329
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Jamie Shaffer
Coordinator, Field Experiences
Office: MH - # 245
Phone:  239-590-7777

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Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Culture 

Department Chair
Tracy Fragassi
Executive Secretary
Office: MH - #241B
Phone:  239-590-7797
Hasan Aydin, Ph. D.
Associate Professor, Multicultural Education
Office: MH - #272
Phone:  239-590-7807
Susan Cooper
Assistant Professor of Science Education, Coordinator of Secondary Education
Office: MH - #  252
Phone:  239-590-7789
Lisa Crayton
Assistant Professor, Reading
Office: MH - # 279
Phone:  239-590-7786
Debra Giambo
Professor, ESOL
Office: MH - #   273
Phone:  239-590-7814
Shelby Gilbert
Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Child and Youth Studies
Office: MH - # 251
Phone:  239- 590-7811
Vickie Johnston
Instructor II, Director for ELLM
Office: MH - #  256
Phone:  239-590-7754
Dawn Martelli
Associate Professor, Program Coordinator for Teacher Immersion Program, Program Coordinator for Curriculum and Instruction, M.Ed., and Program Coordinator for Education Minor.
Office: MH - # 253
Phone:  239- 590-7765
Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson, Ed. D.
Associate Professor, ESOL
Office:   MH - # 244
Phone:  239-590-7757
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Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education
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Assistant Professor Child and Youth Studies

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Department of Leadership, Technology, and Research

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Department Chair, Leadership, Teachnology and Research, Professor and Program Coordinator for Educational Technology
Office: MH - #289
Phone: 239-590-1147
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Jillian Isaacson
Executive Secretary
Office: MH - #  241A
Phone:  239-590- 7776  
Michael Houdyshell
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership
Office: MH - # 249
Phone:  239-570-7805
Megan Just
Megan Just
Visiting Instructor, Research, Evaluation and Measurement 
Office: MH - # 269
Phone:  239-590- 
Tom Roberts
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership; Program Coordinator for Educational Leadership, M.A.
Office: MH - # 250 
Phone:  239-590-7806 
Michele Stork
Assistant Professor, Educational Technology 
Office: MH - # 292
Phone:  239-590-7738  
Jennifer Sughrue
Professor, Educational Leadership, Program Director for Ed. D.
Office: MH - # 293 
Phone:  239-590-7793 
Charles Xiaoxue Wang
Professor of Educational Technology
Office: MH - # 291
Phone:  239-590-1162
Judy WIlkerson
Professor, Research, Evaluation & Measurement 
Office: MH - # 266 
Phone:  239-590-7799 
Jason Jing Shun Zhang
Associate Professor, Research, Evaluation & Measurement
Office: MH - # 267 
Phone:  239-590-1855 

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 Department of Teacher Education

Elizabeth Elliott
Department Chair, Professor
Office: MH - #   280  
Phone:  239-590- 7749  
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Executive Secretary 
Doug Carothers
Doug Carothers, Ed. D.
Associate Professor, Program Coordinator for Special Education 
Office: MH - #  274  
Phone:  239-590-7822
Penny Finley
Penny Finley, Ed. D.
Instructor II and Field Placement Coordinator, Eagles Educate Advisor
Office: MH - # 254 
Phone:  239-590-7792 
Carolynne Gischel
Assistant Professor, Special Education 
Office: MH - #  288 
Phone:  239-590-7795 
Jackie Greene
Instructor II, Clinical and Student Teaching
Office: MH - # 270 
Phone:  239-590-7774 
Diane Kratt
Instructor II, Clinical and Student Teaching, Director of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships
Office: MH - #  271 
Phone:  239-590-7780 
Tunde Szecsi
Professor, Teacher Education; Program Coordinator for Elementary Education 
Office: MH - # 283 
Phone:  239-590-7788 
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Assistant Professor, Special Education
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Assistant Professor, Math Education
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Clinical Instructor

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Family Resource Center

Susan Driscoll
Director, Family Resource Center
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Trisha Nyholm
Program Assistant, Family Resource Center
Office: Family Resource Center 
Phone:  239-590-7855 

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 Research Center and Grant Support Staff and Personnel

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Minerva Borrego
Program Assistant, Early Literacy & Learning Model
Office: Offsite (Contact for location)
Phone:  239-377-0588
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Leigh Anna Nowak
Center for Autism
Office: MH - #   224B  
Phone:  239-590- 7769
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Nick Salmon
Coordinator, Teacher Recruitment
Office: MH - #  224H  
Phone:  239-590-7593  
E-mail: nsalmon@fgcu.edu 
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Director, Hunter Institute of Early Childhood Educaton
Office: MH - # 224E  
Phone:  239-745 -4341  
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Margaret Sullivan  
Director, SPDG (State Personnel Dev. Grant)
Office: MH - #  224G 
Phone:  239-590-7748 
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Andrew Willson  
SPDG Office Manager
Office: MH - # 224F    
Phone:  239- 590-7747    
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Lynne Garcia  
Program Assistant WWE  
Office: MH - # 224D  
Phone: 239-745-4445  

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