Previous Projects

Below is a summary of previous research projects conducted by the College of Arts & Sciences faculty and students in a number of diverse fields. Through a gift from the Seidler family, the College is given the ability to encourage faculty from all disciplines to participate in this incredible opportunity. 

Summer 2018

Greg Boyce Brittany Klootwyk Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Harnessing the Potential of Cyclopropenones in Organic Synthesis
Tom Cimarusti Madeline Peterson Bower School of Music & the Arts/Music A Reconstruction and Performance of Koreshan Hymns
Alberto Condori Nicholas Seguin Mathematics/Mathematics Norm behavior of matrices in low dimensions
Lori Cornelius Harold Schau Language & Literature/English The Intersection of Folklore & Legal Studies
Nora Demers Christopher Hormuth
Sabrina Suarez
Biological Sciences/Biology The Ins & Outs of Gopher Tortoises: what do they eat and what parasites are they harboring?
Chris DiMattina Chance Hamilton
Charly Garsia-Valero
Psychology/Psychology Investigating neural mechanisms of visual boundary detection using deep neural networks
Jeff Kleeger Adolph Brink Justice Studies/Legal Studies Immigration Showdown: California Versus United States Government
Kara Lefevre Katelyn Rawlings Marine & Ecological Sciences/Marine Sciences Assessing Hurricane Irma's impact on threatened Burrowing Owls in North Cape Coral
Arsalan Mirjafari
Gregory McManus
Allison Hawkins
Luke Lamos
Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Development of Innovative Hybrid Materials to Mine Lithium from Seawater: A New Resource fo Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
Molly Nation Matthew Hale Marine & Ecological Sciences/Environmental Studies Impacts of Sustainable Attitudes on Personal Action
Lindsay Rhodes Rachel Ranschau Biological Sciences/Biology Identifying stillbenes to inhibit triple-negative breast cancer migration
Gerritt VanderMeer Joseph Herrera Bower School of Music & the Arts/Theatre Greek Play Adaptation
Jordon Von Cannon Alyssa Prosper Language & Literature/English Transatlantic Departures: Mapping Catharine Sedgwick's 1839-1840 Tour Abroad

 Summer 2017

Dan Bacalzo  Laura Moch Bower School of Music & the Arts/Theatre Dramaturgy for world premiere play, Your Florida Fantasy
Grege Boyce Kellie Martinez Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Efficient Synthesis of Bioactive  Natural Product
John Braddy Gunnar Gibson Communication & Philosophy/Communication Liberation - Research trip to South  Africa
Ann Carncross Emma Paige Cook Bower School of Music & the Arts/Theatre Scene Shop Training and Resource Manual
Anna Goebel Marisa Sauer Biological Sciences/Biology Evolutionary Adaptations in the Silver Apalm and American  Beautyberry
Jeff Hutchinson Anthony Grippo Chemistry & Physics/Physics Analyzing Dark Matter Producation at Colliders
Erik Insko Chance Hamilton Mathematics/ Mathematics Learnin' a Machine to Find Waldo!
 William Locascio Kelly Jones Social Sciences/Anthropology Late Archaic Ceramic Production in the Okeechobee Basin of South Florida
 Megan McShane Marchall Nathanson Bower School of Music & the Arts/Art Apiary Interactions in Art & Ecology
 Jan Martin Meij Hannah Seitz Social Sciences/Sociology Racial Justice in a Changing Political Opportunity Climate
 Daniel Paull

Nichalas Lauta
Ryan Williams

Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Preliminary Studies & Methodology for New Rapid Funchionalization Methods towards Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules from Disubstituted Ketene Precursors
Joelle Richard Savannah Myers Marine &  Ecological Sciences/Marine Science Evaluating the use of the of the Florida Bay scallop to reconstruct past environment in Southwest Florida 
Joseph Ross  Grant Tindall Political Science & Public Administration/Poli Sci Decision-making in Elected and Appointed State Supreme Courts
Tak Ueda  Dominic Enyart Biological Sciences/Biotechnology Production of Plant-Based Drugs for the Treatment of Insulin Response Disorders

Summer 2016

Faculty Student(s) Department proposal
Jason Bahr E. Porter Gulseth Bower School of Music & the Arts/Music Construction & completion of a new orchestral piece: Music Calligraphy: Concertino for Flute & Orchestra
James Brock Hanny Zuniga Language & Literature/English Production of new theatrical piece: Tableaux Vivants.
Kathryne Byrne-Bailey John Dean Biological Sciences/ Biology Microbial processes and movement of genetic material between microbial populations of local soils, mammals and insect populations.
Marilyn Cruz-Alvarez Brand Califar Biological Sciences/ Biology Determining if a retrotransposon (jumping gene) controls expression of genes and affects flowering and production of the edible parts in broccoli and cauliflower.
Patricia Fay Jordan Blankenship
Felipe Maldonado
Bower School of Music & the Arts/ Art Create gas/wood/soda hybrid fast-fire kiln out of a decommissioned commercial electric kiln.
John Herman Damian Baker Biological Sciences/ Biology Developing an automated telemetry system to understand the fine-scale movement ecology of wildlife.
Erik Insko Lucas Everham
Vincent Marcantonio
Mathematics/ Mathematics Peak polynomials - The research group is studying peak polynomials which are a family of polynomials counting the number of permutations with a given peak set.  These newly discovered polynomials have applications in probability theory and the analysis of random data sets. 
Kara Lefevre Jayne Johnston
Keith Moore
Marine & Ecological Studies/ Environmental Studies  Avian breeding activity in human-dominated environments - how changes in landscapes and plant communities effect breeding success.
Gregory McManus Arianna Soares Chemistry & Physics/ Chemistry Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through carbon dioxide capture in metal-organic nanotubes
Arsalan Mirjafari Stephen T. Nestor Chemistry & Physics/ Chemistry "Click" synthesis of a novel class of functionalized ionic liquids for use as superdydrophobic coating agents
Morgan Paine Caitlin Rosolen Bower School of Music & the Arts/ Art Creation of a centralized and compliant collection management procedure for Florida's Art in State Buildings Program at FGCU.
Daniel Paull Stephen George Chemistry & Physics/ Chemistry Development of new methods for organic synthesis towards biological interests including treatment of osteoporosis and proprietary catalysts.