Current Projects

The Seidler Collaborative Awards have played an essential role in the College of Arts and Sciences' efforts to enhance undergraduate student research and creative activity. The College consists of a diverse set of disciplines that include the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, and the projects supported by the Seidler Fund reflect that diversity. For example the projects awarded support in summer 2019 are included below. The faculty member is listed first, and the student(s) scholars name(s) follow.

Summer 2019

faculty student department project
Kevin Allen Lexi Velte Language & Literature/English The Man Who Invented Florida, a screenplay about the life of Carl Fisher
Michael Baron Fernando Lopez Flores Bower School of Music & the Arts/Music Bolivian Classical Piano Music, and a Comparison of Piano Pedagogical Methods in Bolivia and the United States
Greg Boyce Daniel Quiroz Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry The concise total synthesis of khusiol: a neurite growth promoting natural product with a unique structure
Ju Chou Anakaria Gomez-Hernandez Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Characterization of Gold Nanoparticles (AuNPs) Fabricated from Green Synthesis and Developing Optical Probes to Investigate
Marilyn Cruz-Alvarez Rodrigo Tomas, Grace Dorton Biological Sciences/Biology Molecular analysis of flowering in Melaleuca quinquenervia
Don Duke Abigail Kruger Marine & Ecological Sciences/Marine Science Ready for the Next Hurricane Irma?  Predicting Flood Conditions by Linking Precipitation to Surface and Groundwater Flows On, and from the FGCU Campus by Monitoring Campus Ponds
Serri Emer Fane Antione, Sabrina Soto Biological Sciences/Biology May the force be with… The distribution of mechanosensitive protein receptors and bone remodeling cells in spaceflight specimens
Jay Horn James D’Amico, Allison Boza, Alex Amador Biological Sciences/Biology Testing species boundaries and inferring the biogeographic history of Stillingia (Euphorbiaceae) in the North American Coastal Plane, with a focus on south Florida
Sharon Isern Alicia Belony Biological Sciences/Biology Lysogenic Phage Defense Against Superinfection in Host Microcycstis aeruginosa
Felix Jose Kelly Murphy Marine & Ecological Sciences/Marine Science Long-term Geomorphological Evolution of St. Joseph Peninsula and Cape San Blas and the Impact of Hurricane Michael on Florida Panhandle
John Losciuto Farah Alkhadra Bower School of Music & the Arts/Art Student Success using Permanent Collection of Art Migration
Myra Mendible Kiera Eckardt Language & Literature/English American Identity in an age of Transnationalism
Mustafa Mujtaba Joseph Wislet Biological Sciences/Biology Development of Peptides Having Interferon and Antiviral Properties Tour Abroad
Lyndsay Rhodes Olivia Romas, Christy Doan Biological Sciences/Biology Evaluation of essential oils as potential anti-cancer therapeutics in triple-negative breast cancer
Michael Scott Kelsey White, Sara Feith Biological Sciences/Biotechnology The isolation and bioinformatics analysis of broad-host range cyanophage to combat local blue-green algae blooms
John Straussberger Morgan Kirk Social Sciences/History Oral Histories of Hurricane Irma
Toshi Urakawa Gabrianna Andrews Marine & Ecological Sciences/Marine Science Prediction and prevention of harmful algal blooms using hydrogen peroxide

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