Philosophy Internships

All students enrolled in the Philosophy program at FGCU are eligible to complete an academic internship as free electives. Once eligible, students may complete their internship at any point, including during summer sessions.

Internships can be found in all areas and industries, including law, media, entertainment, sports, the arts, higher education and business. Opportunities can be found in nonprofits, corporations, agencies, firms, the government sector, and more. 

Internship Requirements

  • Option of 1 to 3 credit hours per semester in PHI 3941 Philosophy Internship
    • Prerequisites: Junior Standing (60 completed credit hours)
    • Required Internship hours depend on number of registered credits
      • 1 credit = 45 hours of work
      • 2 credits = 90 hours of work
      • 3 credits = 135 hours of work
    • Course Requirements Include:
      • In-person orientation during week 2 of enrolled semester
      • Register your internship on Eagle Career Link
      • Internship Contract complete with learning objectives and signed by supervisor
      • Updated resume that includes new internship position
      • Written reflections connecting Communication coursework to current experience
      • Mid-term and end-of-term evaluations completed and signed by supervisor
      • Time Log approved by supervisor


Ready to Register for PHI 3941 Philosophy Internship?

You must have permission to enroll from Internship Coordinator


Ashleigh Droz, Internship Coordinator
Phone: 239-590-7588 | Office: Mod 2 - room 8

Finding the Right Internship

 Utilize FGCU’s Eagle Career Link

  • Complete your student profile
  • Upload updated resume
  • Search for Communication related internships with search filter “Communication”

Other sources for finding internship opportunities: