K - 12 Programs

The Center provides programming to public and private K-12 schools in their efforts to bring forth reform related to science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM) education. 

Current Programs

SunChase Solar Challenge

Wondering how you can sponsor this event and get involved? Contact the Whitaker Center at 239-590-7444


Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science (GEMS)

GEMS studentsGirls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS) is a hands-on program dedicated to promoting science education for regional middle school girls by enthusiastic professionals and undergraduates as facilitators and role models in a supportive environment. GEMS provides a launching pad to develop an early interest in engineering, math, and science as an impetus to higher education and highly-skilled careers. Previous activities have included bioengineering, chemistry, biological science, biotechnology, forensics, astronomy, math, civil engineering and environmental science.


February 15, 2020 registration is now closed. Our next event will be held on April 18, 2020.

If you were not able to register for February 15th, please add your name to the waitlist below for the April 18 GEMS event. Registration priority will be given to students who are not able to attend the February event.


GEMS April Waitlist 

 We are actively seeking GEMS sponsors for the Spring! Contact the Whitaker Center if you can help: 239-590-7444
Acceptance is provided on a first come, first served basis with priority given to first time participants. You will receive a confirmation email after you register online.  Please check early, we cannot guarantee space as the event fills up quickly.
A special thank you to present and past sponsors, dedicated teachers, FGCU students and faculty who have helped to make this program great for our middle school girls!

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Summer Research Opportunity

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STEM Institute

At the Schulze Summer STEM Institute for Teachers Workshop for K-12 educators, participants will be immersed in the research-based practice of writing and facilitating engaging inquiry-based STEM activities focusing on the SW Florida environment.  Inquiry-based pedagogies have been shown to improve student engagement, comprehension, and retention. The workshop infuses technology into the week by integrating Probeware (Vernier Labquest 2), coding basics, into classroom and field instruction.  FGCU faculty from the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences and Conservancy Staff bring a balance of expertise to you during the workshop week.

The Schulze Summer STEM Institute for Teachers workshops are developed through collaboration between the Conservancy of Southwest Florida education staff, Whitaker Center FGCU faculty associates, Vester Marine Field Station, and Lehigh Elementary STEM faculty.

The Schulze Summer STEM Institute for Teachers connects real-world environmental research with evidence-based, hands-on instruction.

Whitaker Center for STEM Education at FGCU takes a systemic approach to enhancing and reforming STEM education by providing professional development opportunities for K-12 educators, conducting research in STEM teaching and learning, developing innovative curricula, resources, and materials, developing and supporting programs for students, and building strong community partnerships.

Since 2013, the STEM Institute has worked with over 200 K-12 teachers from the five county area and beyond!

Summer camps are also offered at the Conservancy. Your child/children could experience the wildlife of southwest Florida through outdoor adventures, field trips, and nature discoveries, all while you attend our workshop.

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2020 STEM Institute Dates
June 15-19, 2020 
July 13-17, 2020

Schulze STEM Institute Application