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CAS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Submissions for Fall 2021 Review by CAS-UCC

The priority deadline for curriculum proposals to be reviewed by the CAS-UCC in Fall 2021 will be Friday, January 24, 2020. (All proposals submitted by this deadline will be reviewed.)

All proposals received after January 24th will be reviewed only if time permits, as the CAS-UCC must meet the deadline for submission of materials to UUCT.

You are encouraged to schedule an individual meeting with Lucero Carvajal or Cathy Duff from the Office of Academic and Curriculum Support to review materials prior to submission to CAS-UCC. In order to make this process less burdensome for all, Lucero and Cathy suggest the program/department representative meet with them before she/he prepares paperwork and submits program revisions to the college curriculum team

Here are a few hints and required items for submission of program or minor revisions:

  • We cannot include only certain crns of a course number (such as a special topics course) in a degree program or minor. Thus, we cannot include language such as “special topics can be repeated with a change in topic” or specify specific topics for a special topics number that will be included. Courses are repeatable every time or they are not repeatable. We can specify the number of times a course is repeatable.
  • In the revision proposal we must provide a strong rationale based on assessment, benchmarking in the discipline or industry, resource allocation, etc. for the proposed changes.
  • All sections of the program (or minor) revision proposal must be completed.
  • A Microsoft Word document with a “track changes” version of the catalog where the revised program requirements are listed and correct year is identified is included with the proposal.
  • An updated electronic Microsoft Word version of the degree curriculum map showing prerequisites and sequencing for all courses is included with the proposal.
  • Include the number of declared majors and number of graduates from the program or minor (for the past five years) in the proposal.
  • Table showing when all common prerequisites and courses in the major were offered in the past three years and plans for future offerings is included with the proposal.
  • Online (in CMS) course add, change, or delete forms are included for every course that is changing, new, or being deleted as a result of the proposal are complete and Department Chair has approved prior to submission of proposal to CAS-UCC
  • Forms and helpful hints

When materials are finalized and ready for CAS-UCC, please submit them directly to Patricia Rice, Academic Program Specialist, Dean’s Suite.

Thank you.

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